Algeco’s Solutions for ‘Social Distancing’

Algeco’s solutions for ‘social distancing’ meet the most stringent requirement of the current period: the rapid adaptation of the interior space to the new rules of safety and interpersonal comfort.

The most important social consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic refers to the normality in terms of the optimal distance between individuals, which requires a minimum interstice of 2 metres. Therefore, notions such as comfort and ergonomics will be rethought so that any enclosed space is adapted to the new requirements.

Solutions for businesses and public institutions

Specialists concluded that the frequent movement of people is one of the most important sources of infection. Therefore, the extension of spaces for the application of new spacing rules may also aim at creating working conditions for employees, which considerably reduces the risk of contamination.

Algeco has become a leader in the field of modular buildings in Europe, thanks to the experience gained in the impeccable and fast delivery of the final product. Their professionalism is put at the service of creating or expanding interiors regardless of their destination: office buildings or accommodation, events, industry, storage, sanitary, locker rooms, laboratories, bedrooms, spaces designed for dining, reading or recreation etc.

In addition, Algeco containers offer you 360° services, which mean a package of benefits adapted to your specific requirements: the full range of furniture, office equipment and accessories, OSH solutions (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, smoke detectors, signage) etc., also services such as internet connection, electricity, security, cleaning services, equipment and complete facilities (water subscriptions, healthy snacks dispensers).
Living nowadays in a new paradigm related to the rules of personal hygiene and work spaces, we now find in the Algeco portfolio a wide range of specific solutions: touch-free handles, plexiglass separator panels, vertical disinfection dispensers, social distancing mats etc.

In order to identify all these necessities, Algeco team offers you the related consultancy, so that the need for a turnkey space is at the level of your expectations.


Solutions for the segment of vulnerable people

The new rules regarding the optimization of interpersonal relations area refer mainly to the elderly and those affected by comorbidities. The reconfiguration of hospitals and social assistance institutions will have to minimize such risks, and Algeco’s comprehensive outcomes for ‘social distancing’ meet all of these requirements, with efficient and fast solutions: separate rooms, appropriate furniture, safety packages (drinking water dispensers, access ramps, microphone communication system, and so on).

Algeco also offers modular visiting rooms allowing face-to-face meetings in a safe manner regarding interlocutors and external factors, preventing the residents of social assistance centres and senior/Care homes from suffering due to the lack of communication and interaction with relatives and loved ones.

The flexibility of Algeco constructions has two valences: on one hand, it refers to the easy annexation of containers on the ground near any institution, on the other hand, it includes European standards in terms of the quality of construction parameters (interior partitions, thermal insulation, electrical and water installations etc.).
In other words, Algeco is closer to you providing you spaces for optimal distancing.

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