Badger Company taking part in development of the expansion of Rubis Terminal

Badger Company is taking part of the further development of the next phase for the expansion of Rubis Terminal’s storage and handling capacity at Rotterdam Port. Rubis Terminal Rotterdam, a state-of-the art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals at the heart of the Botlek, is a subsidiary of the international, publicly traded company Rubis Group.

Over several phases, the terminal is growing from 161,000 m3 to 311,000 m3. The storage options will be doubled by offering a large variety of tank sizes between 500 m3 and 10,000 m3. The new tanks are suitable for chemicals and niche products.

“Maintaining our flexibility is our main priority. We are ensuring that flexibility by constructing a new jetty for both seagoing and inland vessels, as well as extra loading areas for train carriages and trucks,” company’s representatives say.

Rubis Terminal 2 will be built in five phases. Phase one has been completed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Key points Rubis Terminal Rotterdam

  • Independent provider of tank storage
  • Provider for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations
  • Ample jetty availability
  • All modes of transportation – vessel, train, truck and pipeline
  • Zero-emission terminal

The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest sea port. The port owes its leading position to its outstanding accessibility for sea-going vessels; and to its intermodal connections and the 180,000 people working in and for Rotterdam’s port and industrial area.


About Badger Company

The Badger Company is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating engineering office, which capabilities allow the execution of EPC and project management services and.

The Badger Company is based on an integrated operation model consisting of the seamless cooperation between two offices, one in the Netherlands and the other in Romania. Both offices operate as if being one office at a single location in the Netherlands.

The head office in the Netherlands is to handle project management, small & specialist engineering and sales. The Romanian office is staffed with high quality engineering and design disciplines.

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