Best Performing Flat Roof Solution on the Market: Hardrock 1000

ROCKWOOL, a world leader in stone wool insulation solutions, has launched on the domestic market the Hardrock 1000 boards, with 1000N point load, which have the capacity to withstand pedestrian traffic on a roof. When installing a roof, most problems occur when there is heavy traffic, which can lead to damage to the stone wool sheets if they do not support a proper point load.

The new ROCKWOOL boards with 1000N point load, i.e. around 100Kg force per 50 cm2 (50 cm2 model the heel of a male shoe), are recommended for walkable or semi-walkable flat roofs where different equipment is mounted which requires regular maintenance, as well as in cases where very good mechanical performance is desired.

“Most roofing products on the market offer high compressive strength, but this is not relevant for situations where there will be pedestrian traffic; whether we are talking about pedestrian traffic during assembly or occasional pedestrian traffic during the maintenance period. For these, in choosing the right product, the main feature to be considered is the point load. And from this point of view, the Hardrock 1000 is the best performing solution available on the market right now,” said Florin Popescu, Business Unit Director, ROCKWOOL Balkans.

Hardrock 1000 boards are made using the Dual Density technology, which ensures, besides the performing point load, an easy and economical installation due to the higher resistance of the upper layer and the flexibility of the lower layer. The boards can be mounted in a single layer, without compromising the mechanical or thermal properties of the insulation solution. Beyond the mechanical performance, the product also benefits from a good coefficient of thermal conductivity, of 0.039 W/mK.

ROCKWOOL Hardrock 1000 is used for the thermal insulation, sound protection and fire protection of flat roofs in the industrial and commercial segment, having as support both the concrete plate and the high-profile corrugated sheet. The company has already delivered over 40,000 m2 of Hardrock 1000 boards to a DIY chain and electronics retailer in Bulgaria.

Hardrock 1000 boards are currently produced at the ROCKWOOL factory in Croatia, but in the future, they will also be available at the Romanian factory that the company is building near Ploiesti through an investment worth EUR 50 million. The production of stone wool at the ROCKWOOL factory in Romania will start at the end of this year.

“We represent the Group locally, providing advanced insulation systems for buildings. At ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to improving the lives of all those who experience our solutions. Our experience contributes decisively in addressing the biggest current challenges of sustainable development, from energy consumption and noise pollution, to fire resilience, water shortages and floods. Our range of products reflects the diversity of the needs of the world we live in, while supporting those who use them to reduce their own carbon emissions. Stone wool is a versatile material and is the basis of all our divisions. With approximately 11,000 passionate colleagues from 39 countries, we are the world leader in stone wool solutions, from general building insulation to acoustic ceilings, from exterior plating systems to horticultural solutions, from fibres created for industrial use to insulation for the shipbuilding industry and offshore rigs,” the company representatives said.

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