Habau Romania to Build New Gas Pipeline in Maramures

Habau Romania recently signed with Transgaz the contract for the construction of the project ‘Natural gas transmission pipeline in the direction of Sighetu Marmatiei – Viseu de Sus – Borsa’.

Habau Romania is a construction company that is specialized in executing pipeline construction projects and EPCC projects focused on the oil and gas industry, and it has been on the Romanian market for over 20 years. During this time, it has worked with various local and international companies such as Transgaz, OMV Petrom, NAMR (National Agency for Mineral Resources), Government of the Republic of Moldova and many others. Habau Romania recently worked for Transgaz on a major and complex project – BRUA, a development project on Romania’s territory of the National Gas Transmission System on the corridor Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria.

The Romanian branch of the Habau Hoch und Tiefbaugesellschaft, led by Karl Leidenfrost, has signed on July 13, 2021, as a builder and association leader, with Transgaz the contract for the construction of the project ‘Natural gas transmission pipeline in the direction of Sighetu Marmatiei – Viseu de Sus – Borsa’, a project of national importance in the field of natural gas. They will be joined by another local company, Antrepriza Montaj Instalatii (AMI) SA Baia Mare. Moreover, the project is financed from Transgaz’s own funds.

Currently, in the Maramures area there are no natural gas supply pipes, and the inhabitants use firewood, coal, and liquefied gas to heat the houses and commercial spaces in the area. The gas pipeline is designed and constructed to supply natural gas to the local administrative units. It will have a length of 88 kilometres, with an execution period of 18 months, starting August 2021. The construction of the gas transmission pipeline will spread over the territory of several localities, including: Sighetu Marmatiei, Viseu de Sus, Sarasau, Vadu Izei, Giulesti, Oncesti, Barsana, Stramtura, Rozavlea, Sieu, Bogdan Voda, Dragomiresti, Salistea de Sus, Viseu de Jos, Sacel and Moisei. The designed pipeline route is divided into 17 sections. The tubular material has a diameter of DN 300. It underpasses in its route, railways, watercourses, canals and valleys. The construction of the Sighetul Marmatiei – Viseu de Sus – Borsa pipeline creates the premise of interconnecting the natural gas transmission system from the North-West part of the country (Maramures area), with the North-East part (Campulung Moldovenesc – Vatra Dornei area). Consequently, the natural gas supply is provided for each area from two directions.

This is an important project for Maramures and is now going in a straight line for its implementation. At the end of the execution, it will be possible to provide natural gas to the localities in the area of interest of the objective, respectively a number of approximately 51,500 household consumers, 500 public institutions (schools, town halls, dispensaries, cultural centres, medical offices, etc.) and approximately 2000 economic agents.

The opportunity of the project results from the fact that by building the natural gas pipeline, several objectives will be achieved, such as: development of the national natural gas transmission system and implicitly, development of the natural gas distribution system in the area, natural gas supply of the tourist resorts Ocna Sugatag and Borsa, creating new jobs during the construction period, stimulating other investments and related businesses, stimulating the development of the local economy by providing non-polluting energy sources, ensuring a healthy environment by reducing greenhouse gases and attracting additional revenues to the state budget and local budgets.

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