LIFE TACKLE: FRF Focuses on Renewable Energy and LED Nightlights

Not only energy companies focus on sustainability, but also entities that think about a future with a cleaner environment. Therefore, the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) plans to use renewable energy, reusable cups, recycled chairs, and the installation of LED nightlights in some stadiums.

The program LIFE TACKLE – Teaming up for A Conscious Kick for the Legacy of Environment, in which the Romanian Football Federation was involved with European partners, ended with the debate ‘Football: A strategic pass for a sustainable environment’, carried out on February 8.

The discussion had as guests Nicolae Stefanuta, member of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament, Thomas Moldovan, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Sports, Lucian Mircescu, former head of the delegation on sports, during the Romanian EU Presidency, and Florian Nuta, vice-rector at Danubius University in Galați, and was moderated by Florin Sari, manager of social responsibility and good governance of FRF.

The discussions focused on measures that can be taken in the organization of football events to minimize the adverse environmental impact, as well as changes of infrastructure needed in Romania when it comes to sustainable football. Therefore, the Romanian Football Federation has also assumed the goals of TACKLE project from the perspective of organization in Bucharest of the 4 football matches within the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship.

Among the changes that have taken place within the program are: a feasibility study for the installation of renewable energy sources at the Voluntari stadium; ‘green’ procurement and courses for FRF employees; distribution of reusable cups at national team matches and recycling of broken seats from the National Arena; the installation of LED nightlights and installations of renewable energy sources for the Steaua, Rapid and Arcul de Triumf stadiums; installation of LED nightlights on the 150 large bases and 100 small fields in the CNI (National Investment Company) program.

The TACKLE program is carried out during 2018 – 2022. It collected examples of good practice in environmental management, tested solutions for various stadiums in Europe, facilitated the exchange of experience between football federations and other relevant actors in order to improve the sustainability of football events.



LIFE TACKLE is an international project co-funded by EU LIFE programme aiming at improving the environmental management of football matches and the overall level of awareness and attention towards environmental issues in the football sector.

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