Kraton and Plastship to Unlock PCR Value Enhancement for European Plastic Recycling

Kraton Corporation, a leading global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, will partner with Plastship by offering CirKular+™ performance enhancement and compatibilization additives on Plastship Additives Selector platform.

Plastship, a leading European platform for recyclate procurement, is a subsidiary of RIGK GmbH, a German recycling scheme operator with more than 25 years of experience in plastics recycling. The company leverages its qualified supplier network and online platform to simplify and increase recyclate procurement and foster the European circular economy. Plastship enables European converters and recyclers to find recycled materials and additives suited to their needs, ensures product quality, and certifies the recyclability of packaging and products. By joining Platship’s Additive Selector platform, CirKular+ can further enhance the performance and processability of post-consumer and post-industrial resins and broaden PCR end-use applications.

“Kraton is excited to expand the promotion of CirKular+ solutions with our Plastship collaboration,” says Anissa Brahmi, Kraton Specialty Polymers Sales Director, Europe. “The CirKular+ product line supports the plastic industry’s needs to meet the tightening European regulations requiring sustainable products with improved environmental impact. CirKular+ additives provide innovative, cost-efficient solutions to recyclers, converters, and brand owners to increase and optimize recycled streams usage and achieve recyclable design. Collaborations like these are key to making a positive difference on our path to enhancing circularity.”

“The Additives Selector enables us to showcase additives that can be used to further improve recyclate performance based on a selected material while predicting the performance effects of the material-additive combination,” says Andreas Bastian, Managing Director of Plastship. “It was a great pleasure to develop the Additive Selector with industry leaders such as Kraton. At Plastship, we see this type of collaboration as a long-term alliance and the beginning of a promising journey.”

Kraton developed and launched the CirKular+ product line in 2020 to support the plastics industry’s commitment to sustainability and circularity through reuse, reduce, and recycling initiatives. With a holistic approach to the end of the product lifecycle, CirKular+ enables plastics upcycling and circular economy solutions, facilitating compatibilization and performance enhancement of versatile multi-resin post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial (PIR) plastic waste streams in various applications.

CirKular+ is available for sampling, purchase, and technical inquiries on the Plastship platform.

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