ADAA Awarded at the First International Summit on Disability Rights in the World

The Association for the Development of Local Entrepreneurship (ADAA) was the only association from Romania, represented by its founder Andreea Negru, at the first International Summit on Disability Rights, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The Summit is unique in the world in its focus on disability rights and was addressed to companies, governments, and civil society.

The event attracted over 260 participants from 60 countries and six continents, with a wide range of speakers, including messages from the UN Secretary General, the European Commission, the World Bank, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, the Minister of Disabled Persons of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the European Commission, UNESCO, and many other governments from around the world.

ADAA received the ‘Excellence Award’ from the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) and Andreea Negru, the founder of the association, was certified by the USIDHR as an advocate for human rights and people with disabilities, promoting inclusion and support for women in economic life and in the community.

“I believe that everyone should have the same rights and that people with disabilities should enjoy equal opportunities. In this way, together we can build a better, inclusive world where the UN principles of sustainable development are respected. We all have the right to truly benefit from economic, social, political, and cultural life,” said Andreea Negru.

It is a sad reality that approximately one billion people with disabilities around the globe still face widespread discrimination and inequality due to a lack of understanding and awareness of others.

“Even though there are still many disparities in access to healthcare, education, employment and daily activities between people with disabilities and their peers, discussions about the rights of people with disabilities are often missing from human rights conversations around the world. To this end, I believe that major efforts must be made to educate people and create enabling environments for people with disabilities to live normal lives without fear or judgement,” concluded the ADAA founder.

The Summit was organized by the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights – USIDHR, and ADAA was a partner and speaker in the session on leadership and social responsibility. Other international partners were: United Nations, Youth Forum for International Cooperation, US Institute for International Business and Development, Cisco, and others.

“With this event – the first global summit focused on disability rights – we have made history on a global level. I am convinced that the results of this summit will lead to tangible improvements in the lives of people with disabilities across the globe. The International Summit on Disability Rights was an invaluable experience for its participants. More than the sum of the speakers’ perspectives and expertise, over five days, the summit actively trained and certified all those present to be advocates for disability rights,” said Isabelle Vladoiu, founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights.


Memorandum of Collaboration between ADAA and USIDHR

During the event, a Memorandum of Collaboration was signed between the Association for the Development of Local Entrepreneurship and the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, through which the two organizations will collaborate on projects of common interest, promoting education, research and innovation and international programs aimed at upholding human rights, advocate for gender equality and implement business culture in communities around the world.

“This is the first step towards the internationalisation of ADAA through involvement in large-scale projects abroad. I believe that, together with USIDHR, we will be able to support and promote Romanian businesses both in the country and abroad, offering the possibility to interact with prestigious international institutions and creating bilateral collaboration platforms,” said Andreea Negru.

For her part, Isabelle Vladoiu argued: “The protocol signed with ADAA is a first step towards developing sustainable cooperation focused on projects with international impact. I believe that Romania has huge potential for development and a business environment that has shown maturity even in times of crisis. Therefore, the strategic partnership with ADAA will further strengthen the business community and provide leverage for international development.”


About ADAA

The Association for the Development of Local Entrepreneurship (ADAA) campaigns for the development of entrepreneurial and associative culture among local entrepreneurs and for the defence and promotion of their interests. ADAA also actively promotes the role and importance of entrepreneurship for the sustainable and durable economic development of Romania. The association was established in 2012 as a pressing need of the entrepreneurial environment to find a platform for communication and promotion of best practice models at national and international level. In addition, ADAA’s mission is to advocate for individual and collective awareness of the importance of women’s involvement in public life, society, and business.



The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) is a Washington, DC-based think tank with an international footprint in over 56 countries. Its aim is to promote education for all through research, training, and international programmes. The Institute is the world’s largest organisation certifying consultants in human rights education and diplomacy. In addition, its humanitarian mission called ‘EduforEveryChild’ provides underprivileged children with school supplies and scholarships so that they have access to quality education.

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