Gaz de România 2021 Gala – Phoenix Edition: Awards for Resilience, Reinvention and Success

The community of the local gas industry met on December 15 within the Gaz de România 2021 Gala, an event marked by the ‘Phoenix’ symbol, an idea emphasizing the capacity of reinvention, rebirth, will and success. Within the event, organized by the Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation (FPPG), projects and personalities that over the past two years have proven resilience, capacity of reinvention and the ambition to succeed, despite all challenges faced, have been celebrated.

The Gaz de România 2021 Gala has brought into the spotlight professionals willing to share landmarks of success, to be friends and mentors, as much as they are leaders and inspirers. The event was attended by representatives of academia, of the institutional and private environment.

Here are 10 categories of awards granted within the Gaz de România Gala and their winners:

  • Phoenix award for initiative and devotion to Romania – given by Adrian Măniuțiu, Managing Partner EM360 Group, to Ion Sterian, General Manager of Transgaz, for BRUA project
  • Two Phoenix awards for team spirit and sacrifice – given by Nadina Câmpeanu, television producer, to Dr. Adrian Marinescu (Matei Balș Institute) and MedLife, represented by Mrs. Oana Surdu, Member of the Executive Committee and Clinics Manager, Medlife Group
  • Phoenix award for altruism and empathy – given by Dumitru Chisăliță, President of the Intelligent Energy Association, to Dan Jecan, President of CERT Transilvania, and Șerban Grecu, member of CERT Transilvania
  • Phoenix award for courage – given by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Major-General Corneliu Postu, to Invictus Romania, represented by Colonel Patrick Luca and Major Gabi Ion
  • Phoenix award for Romania of tomorrow – given by Secretary of State George Niculescu, Ministry of Energy, to Aristotel Jude, CEO of Romgaz
  • Phoenix award for vision and responsibility – given by Oana Ozmen, Secretary of the Committee for Industries and Services, to Radu Dudău, Director of Energy Policy Group and coordinator of România Eficientă
  • Phoenix award for perseverance and continuity – given by Cătălin Niță, Executive Director of FPPG, to Dr. Raed Arafat & DSU
  • Three Phoenix awards for consistency and balance – given by Sandor Bende, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, President of the Committee for Industries and Services, to Professor Alina Bârgăoanu, PhD Associate Professor Iulian Fota and journalist Radu Tudor
  • Phoenix award for passion and faith in the future – given by Professor Vasile Dîncu, Minister of National Defence, to Professor Mihnea Costoiu, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest
  • Phoenix award for innovation and expertise – given by Zoltan Nagy-Bege, ANRE Vice-President, to Cosmin Enache, Vice-Rector of the West University of Timișoara (representative Mr. Marilen Pirtea, Rector)


Winners of Energaz News, high school students from Bucharest

The winners of the ENERGAZ 2021 contest, organized by FPPG through the Gaz de România platform, were also awarded within the Gala. This year’s edition of the Energaz News was a contest of creation, registration, and presentation of a newscast (a video of maximum 3 minutes) about climate change and the importance of natural gas for a cleaner future, organized for high school students from Bucharest. Its goal is to invite high school students to become aware of the environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future, finding new information and solutions.

The award categories were:

  1. The best newscaster
  2. The best video production
  3. The most interesting news
  4. The most creative newscast
  5. The most enthusiastic future journalist (award given by the Foundation for Education and Vocation)
  6. Vote of the public
  7. Special award

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