The largest trade fair for renewable energy and environmental protection in Romania, taking place from April 11th to 13th, 2024, at Romexpo

The largest trade fair for renewable energy and environmental protection in Romania – GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC – will take place from April 11th to 13th, 2024, in Pavilion B2 at the Romexpo Exhibition Center. The event will host top exhibitors from both the country and abroad, showcasing the latest and most innovative products, equipment, and solutions for renewable energy production and waste management.

The fair is organized by Euroexpo and Romexpo in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests, the Romanian Environmental Association, the Ecological University of Bucharest, and will establish itself as the largest hub for technological innovations in renewable energy production and waste management.

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC is the only trade fair in Romania that will take place in an exhibition complex, providing companies with comprehensive and efficient logistics. Pavilion B2 at the Romexpo Exhibition Center, covering an area of 16,000 square meters, is the largest and most modern in the country.

Exhibiting companies offer technologies for the production of various types of renewable energy: solar, wind, thermal, biogas, and environmental protection, with waste management playing a central role in this sector. Our trade fair will host large booths (400 sq. m) where they will present technological processes, featuring all the equipment and technologies necessary for waste management. Over 150 brands from the energy and environmental protection sectors have announced their participation in the fair, including Renovatio Solar, Greenvolt Next, European Waste Technology, Nord Engineering, Inoveco, Ax Perpetum, Napochim, Hamos, Backhus, Eggesmann, Krysteline, Beia, Genway, Ev-Mag, Ampevo, Trinasolar, Foxess, Huawei, Growatt, Deye, Rothoblaas, Solaro, Solactiv, Grill Solar, Neo Mobi, Longi, Dasolar, Fronius, Solis, K2 System, Noark, Solar One, Solcad, Salvo, Lasso, Mr.Fill, Odor Control, Polar, Novotegra, njoy, AE Auto, Deye, Longi, Bluesun, Cooli, Sprusan, Miru Instruments, Gasmet Technology, Ngt, Photomate, Hycleaner, Steltec, JINKO, Aerocompact, Lasso, Taw Energy, Carpathia Energy, Energypal, Orient Power, Axitec, Trina, Longi, Luxor, SolarEdge, Fronius, Goodwe, SMA, Sungrow, BYD, Baywa R.E, Hbp Eko.

Throughout the event, the technologies of exhibiting companies will be showcased both in Pavilion B2 and in the outdoor area known as the DEMO AREA, providing solutions to specialists and all visitors.

GREEN ENERGY EXPO & ROMENVIROTEC will host the International Forum on Environment and Energy, an event organized in collaboration with the Infomediu Europa magazine, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests. The forum will feature renowned international speakers, authorities, and leaders from the renewable energy and environmental protection industries. Speakers at the forum will include Mircea Fechet – Minister of Environment, Waters, and Forests; Mihaela Frasineanu – State Counselor at the Prime Minister’s Office; directors from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy; Monika Romenska – Regulatory & Public Affairs Manager – Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA); Francesco Lembo – Deputy Secretary General – Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+). The forum organizers aim to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas to contribute to the development of a greener and more sustainable future.

The fair is designed for both industry professionals and individuals interested in directly implementing solutions in the field of renewable energy and environmental protection in their own spaces. Attendees will include specialists in green energy and waste management, investors, banks, and investment funds, renewable energy project operators, real estate developers, architects, builders, entrepreneurs, and startups looking to establish businesses in the renewable energy, environmental protection, and waste management sectors. Additionally, representatives from the academic environment (professors and students), experts, business consultants, government representatives, ministries, the Presidency, local authorities – mayors, municipal employees, parliamentarians, parliamentary experts, as well as representatives of NGOs in the green energy and environmental protection field, are invited.

The main partner of the fair is Renovatio Solar, a leader in innovation in the field of renewable energy. For more information and to register your participation, please visit the official event website:


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