Intelligent Energy Association Launches Intelligent Energy Academy Project

Five Learning Programs Included

We live in a constantly changing world. New discoveries and technologies, changes in the legal system and economic developments are taking place at an accelerated pace, so lifelong learning is becoming more and more important. The only way people and companies can cope with the changes that are happening fast and the data exchange much faster is through learning and aligning with new information. The innumerable challenges that man has been facing lately, the multitude, the complexity and the volatility of information determine the need for learning programs in all fields of activity.

The Intelligent Energy Association (IEA) aims to actively contribute to this lifelong learning process and, through this, to contribute to the well-being of people, as consumers or employees in an energy company and, implicitly, to the evolution of the field in general, by launching the Intelligent Energy Academy project, which contains five learning programs.

The Consumer Academy aims to support domestic consumers of natural gas and electricity with concrete and accessible information about existing offers in the market and about the elements that all consumers can use in negotiating new supply contracts, more advantageous, according to their own needs. The program comes from the need for strong information campaigns for all consumers of natural gas and electricity, which aim to make consumers aware of the new realities of the energy market.

The Hydrogen Academy aims to acquire specific knowledge on hydrogen as a vector of the energy of the future, understanding the concept of energy integration and energy applications for mobility – transport without carbon dioxide emissions. The presentation of the specific problems of the hydrogen production, transport and storage systems and the definition of new concepts such as Power-to-Gas and Sector Coupling are some of the themes of the program. In addition to the theoretical part, the Hydrogen Academy includes a ‘field experience’ program such as visiting a hydrogen compression and bottling station.

The objective of the Gas Academy is the understanding by all market participants of the functioning of the natural gas sector in Romania. Students will learn the basics of the natural gas sector, namely exploration, exploitation, transportation, storage, and distribution of natural gas and will have an image of the past, present and perspectives on the structure of the natural gas industry. The theoretical part can be completed with an extraordinary field experience – safari in the largest gas fields in Romania, visiting the first regulation and measurement station in Europe that brought gas to the Citadel of Light, Via Transylvania – exploring the transport pipelines.

Green Deal Academy presents the European ecological pact as a new way of life and aims to familiarize students with this concept. Acquiring specific knowledge on the Green Deal, energy integration and applications in the field of future mobility – carbon-free transport, access to funds and goal management are some of the concepts deepened by this program.

Referring to a relatively new and insufficiently explained term, the Academy of Taxonomy aims to acquire specific knowledge and presents a wide range of information from introductory notions – defining the concept and the principle it promotes, explaining the scope to taxonomy in practice – who, what and how long they have to do. There is also information on sustainable financing and the reporting procedure.

“Learning is important because it positively influences a person’s life, gives them confidence and contributes to personal development with a strong impact on quality of life and economic success. The world is changing so fast that what is considered innovation today, tomorrow we can see that it is already outdated, so it is important to keep up with what is new in one field or another, and lifelong learning has boundless benefits on all plans.

The programs from the Intelligent Energy Academy come to stimulate the acquisition of competencies both at individual level through the development of skills, a better adaptation to the needs of change, increasing the degree of autonomy, finding quick solutions, better communication, keeping an open and active mind. as well as at the organizational level by obtaining an overview of the energy sector and improving in certain subfields, constant search for new development opportunities, analysis of their own experiences and the generation of ideas from all situations in which you are,” said Dumitru Chisalita, President of the Association Intelligent Energy.

The purpose of these programs is to help consumers, suppliers, transport and distribution operators, manufacturers, and public institutions and to ensure that all those interested acquire specific knowledge in the fields covered by the Intelligent Energy Academy.

The five programs aim at an informative point of view, by presenting the problems specific to the energy sector on the assumed directions and a formative point of view, through the practical activities related to the various stages of the course, such as thematic visits or demonstrations.

IEA’s approach considers three levels of training: basics, information caravan (demonstrations and thematic visits that support theoretical courses) and advanced courses.

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