Kraftanlagen Romania and IPIP Under One Roof

Kraftanlagen Romania and IPIP have recently inaugurated the new headquarters in Ploiesti, the most modern office building in the city.

Therefore, from now on, the Industry operational unit in Romania will continue its activity under the same roof, bringing together skills in engineering and construction and sharing resources.

Kraftanlagen Romania and IPIP provide services such as engineering, procurement, construction and assembly, commissioning, as well as technical assistance in the industrial sector.

On the occasion of inaugurating the new headquarters, the Management of Kraftanlagen Romania and IPIP shared some thoughts on the companies’ activity and plans for the future.


What are the most important benefits of the fact that the Industry operational unit in Romania will carry out its activity under one roof?

The most important benefit will be that of flexibility and ease of transmitting information, know-how, between the two business areas: engineering and constructions.

Through this building, not only have we created a modern workplace for our employees, but we have also taken care of social responsibility, integrating a kindergarten, where their children can be enrolled free of charge.


How are Kraftanlagen Ro­mania and IPIP coping with this complicated period, not only in terms of recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, but also international evolutions in the current geopolitical context? What is the impact on companies of the increase in raw material and energy costs, political instability, increased transportation costs?

The Covid crisis has required a greater attention from our side in terms of both protecting the employees and solutions for staff mobility. We had to adapt the informational and workflow to the new hybrid system: homework/office work. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to avoid the emergence of new Covid outbreaks, and in particular we managed to maintain the pace of work and the quality of activities at the highest level.

The current geopolitical context generates entirely different risk types and challenges.

Stopping some projects in the areas subject to sanctions, the inflationary pressure with a direct effect in the increase in material prices, in the human resource costs, transportation costs etc. require our special attention and concrete action plans.

However, we are confident that together with our partners, with the support coming from the Group (we are part of Kraftanlagen Energies & Services part of the Bouygues group from France), we will find the adequate solutions allowing us to go through this period in optimal conditions.


How many jobs are there are the moment in the company? Do you wish to expand your activity in other areas in the future?

We pay great attention to the changes that take place in our area of expertise. We look very closely at everything that is happening in the Green Energy area that will give room for expansion and diversification of activity.

What are the most important projects in progress and what does your agenda include in terms of plans for the next period?

All projects are important. We pay the same attention to all projects, irrespective of size or client. It is in our blood. We have a name in the market, as a service provider at the highest quality and performance standards, and we wish to keep this ‘brand’.

© Photo: Kraftanlagen

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