Nuclearelectrica, 25 Years Since Its First Nuclear Reactor’s Commissioning

After 25 years since the commissioning of the first nuclear reactor, Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN) ensures approximately 205 of the consumption needs and 33% of the clean energy at national level. In 25 years, Nuclearelectrica delivered in the National Energy System over 200 million MWh at a capacity factor of over 90%, avoiding the release into the atmosphere of over 170 million tons of CO2.

When celebrating 25 years of operation of Unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP, Nuclearelectrica received the official visit of Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis. Unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP delivered since its commissioning to date 127 million MWh, accounting for 9% of national consumption in 25 years. At the same time, since the commissioning to date, U1 avoided the release into the atmosphere of 125 million tons of CO2, which represents the equivalent of emissions produced by all vehicles in Romania for over 6 years.

“I especially wanted to return here today, to market together with you the 25 years of operation of Unit 1 of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant. This unit has so far covered 9% of the national electricity consumption and we want it to continue to contribute to the energy security of our country. On this occasion, I congratulate the specialists who have contributed, during the 25 years, to the operation in conditions of reliability and maximum safety of one of the most performing power plants of this type in the world. Your efforts and professionalism are acknowledged and certified at international level, our country being an example of performance and excellence for the professionals who work in the field of civil nuclear energy,” said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

“Nuclear energy current provides in Romania 11,000 jobs, has a total annual turnover of approximately EUR 600mln and contributes with EUR 5.7bn to the GDP. It is a clean, resilient, and accessible source of energy. For the 25 years of operation with a lot of professionalism, I thank my colleagues for every day of work, dedication, involvement! To the same extent, I am proud that together we generate clean energy at standards of excellence and build a sustainable future for the next generation,” underlined Cosmin Ghita, CEO of SNN.

In the context of decarbonization and energy transition measures, the new nuclear capacities, both the large ones, CANDU, and small modular reactors, will act as a driver for economic recovery, job creation, retention of expertise in the country and beneficial use of the expertise acquired in the 25 years of operation and will outline Romania’s position at regional level.

“The future of the nuclear industry is built on the expertise gained in the 25 years of operation, so Nuclearelectrica will use this expertise gained from operating CANDU reactors for future nuclear, conventional or state-of-the-art capacities. In the scenarios analysed by the International Energy Agency, energy demand will increase by 2.1% per year by 2040, especially in developed countries. The share of energy without carbon emissions is estimated to increase from 36% today to 52% by 2040,” added Cosmin Ghita.

Decarbonization cannot be achieved without nuclear energy, and Nuclearelectrica’s investment projects are designed and realized for a resilient energy system, based on clean energy sources.

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