OMV Petrom rewards 96 young Olympians

96 young people with high performances have been rewarded, within the Petrom Olympiad Gala, which took place on 13 December, at Petrom City. They received prizes, scholarships and trophies totalling 20,000 euros for national and international performance in 2018.

Outstanding results in science, technology, research, health, communication, art or sports have been personalized with the awards: Money Jump, Asia Experience, Smart City, Smart Scholarship; trophies Golden Career, High Performance, COM – ZON and the distinction the personality of the year 2018.

Together with the Olympiad winners, students at Oxford and Cambridge present in the hall, the outlook of Smart World and the role the Romanian Olympians could have in this 5G world have been outlined.

Florin Bercea, President of F.S.L.I. Petrom-Energie, appreciated the capacity of this Program to guess the future, by listing some of the science and technology projects generated slightly ‘ahead of time’ by the Petrom Olympians: Cisco Academy, Knowledge Caravan, Scientific internships at CERN, NASA, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Australia, Singapore, London or Los Angeles.

At the first OMV Petrom Olympians award ceremony since she took over the position of CEO, Christina Verchere pointed out the need in the Smart World for the skills for which the Romanian young people were rewarded: logic, perspicacity, scientific thinking, research and technological innovation, appreciating the interest of young people for these components.

PETROM OLYMPIANS is a CSR program of OMV Petrom, which annually rewards the national and international performances of children of employees in the petroleum industry. Over 3,200 young people have been rewarded, supported and trained in national and international vocational careers in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

Daniel Lazar


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