Romgaz involves in the community

RON 1mn for fitting the County Hospital of Sibiu

Romgaz allocated the amount of RON 1,000,000 as financial support to County Hospital of Sibiu for fitting with equipment of new generation and for supporting medical activities. The amount was included in two sponsorship contracts, each contract in amount of RON 500,000, representing the modernization with performant equipment of intensive care and Cardiology II units.

Among the specialized equipment can be mentioned a multidisciplinary, stationary, performant ultrasound designed to carry out performant cardiological evaluations of vascular system, abdominal and other soft parts. A part of the allocated amount will be used to increase the possibilities of research laboratory in the field of cardiac and vascular pathology. More specifically, it is about cases of patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction or peripheral vascular emergences that require cardiac stent implant.

“This kind of actions undertaken by the company aim to increase the community’s life quality. I strongly believe that a profitable company can sustainable develop itself only by involving and supporting the welfare of the community where it performs its activity and learn the communities’ values. One of the most efficient ways of sharing the company’s view with the members of the community is to share with it their common success. This is the reason why the company decided to support the medical system, along with education, culture and sport. This is a way by which Romgaz assumes its social responsibility for the community where it activates and its members,” Romgaz CEO Adrian Volintiru states.

“Romgaz is one of the significant sponsors of the activity of SCJU Sibiu, a reliable partner who is always willing to help. Thank you for the generous sponsorship that increases the quality of the hospital equipment and brings hope especially for patients receiving performant medical services within some departments and services with a high addressability and a complex pathology, for which permanent investigations are required. We appreciate Romgaz’s effort to continuously respond to immediate needs of the community by supporting the hospital of Sibiu over the last years and we hope that this relationship will continue in the future,” Cornel Benchea, the manager of SCJU Sibiu declared.

This is the third straight year when Romgaz offers sponsorships to SCJU Sibiu, in 2007 the amount of RON 500,000 was received to procure performant equipment for Ophthalmology Unit and  for CVASIC activity was received the amount of RON 300,000 and in 2016 the hospital received a sponsorship in the amount of RON 980,000 for fitting the hospital with high performant medical equipment, procuring 4 modern ultrasounds and a digital radiology performant system.

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