Rethinking the design-execution-operation of gas sector objectives to boost transactions

The Intelligent Energy Association and Energy Industry Review organize on 21 May 2018, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, the Roundtable with the topic ‘Rethinking the design-execution-operation of gas sector objectives to boost transactions.’


Guest speaker: Flavius Dordea – Technical Expert in the gas sector



Gas market liberalization has also outlined the idea of a new market of services that accompany the activity of gas utilization: design; inspection and approval of projects; construction of pipelines and installations; acceptance; operation of installations; inspection of installations; expertise, decommissioning and restoring the affected land to the initial state. This situation has determined the elimination of activities that were previously integrated in gas production, transmission or distribution companies and the emergence of private companies that execute these works for a charge.

Lowering the standards in the design, approval, control of the quality of the execution or inspection of gas installations leads to the emergence of technical risks.

Preventing these technical risks can be achieved by adapting the existing legislation, increasing awareness and quality of works.

At the same time, accepting the technical risks increases the probability of major failures, with direct consequences on the conditions of natural gas transactions.


Major topics

  • Transparency, efficiency and competition on the market of services adjacent to the natural gas market
  • Professionalism and responsibility in the design, execution and approval of gas installations
  • Current legislative provisions and necessary modifications in order to increase the quality of works

Note: The event will be held between 10:00 and 13:00 in Romanian. There is no participation fee, but the number of places is limited to 40.


Short CV of the guest speaker

Flavius I. Dordea is an engineer with 20 years of experience in the natural gas industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Technology Engineering’ and a Master’s degree in ‘Optimal Utilization of Natural Gas’. The international professional experience includes the analysis of international natural gas transmission and transit capacities, the design, construction, commissioning and testing of gas compressor stations and of high pressure natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines.


The Intelligent Energy Association – the association of those who consume or produce energy

Through smart energy we summarize, without limitation to: energy efficiency, energy management, smart grid, smart metering, trading platforms, limiting energy poverty, creation of the single energy market, market liberalization, dissemination and education of consumers, valuing the extrinsic energy resources, exploiting the added value of current energy systems etc. All these, addressed through a synergistic point of view – technical, economic, commercial, legal, political, social and ecological, can meet the future requirements of Romanians.

The purpose of the Association is to promote this concept in order to guarantee: for the society the necessary energy utilities, feasible in obtaining and delivering, sustainable in society, safe to use and predictable in approach.

The Association aims to carry out public campaigns, make available for suppliers and consumers a platform to learn the synergistic importance of the supplier-consumer relationship, a platform of analyses and one of mediation/expertise in the energy sector. So far, the Association has been carrying out two public campaigns: ‘FairGasPrice’ and ‘Starting Over in the Gas Market’.


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