The 13th Edition of the CERT Transylvania Humanitarian Christmas Campaign

The 13th edition of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Transylvania Humanitarian Christmas Campaign took place on December 13, being attended by over 100 volunteers, with 65 off-road vehicles, split into seven teams.

150 families in remote areas of the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County, from Muntele Rece, Maguri, Marisel and Maguri Racatau areas, have received 150 packages with non-perishable food of 25 kg each, 1,200 kg of vegetables, 150 cakes, 150 loaves of bread, hygiene items and clothing and 130 Christmas packages for children, with school supplies, toys, and sweets.

Following this year’s campaign in the area of Marisel Commune, Cluj County, the Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation, as partner of CERT Transylvania, facilitates access to electricity for three houses located in remote areas of Apuseni Mountains. The beneficiaries have been so far two elderly people, who live alone and for whom a consumption of 3kW is relatively sufficient for household needs, and the third is to be identified. Hristea Avram is one of them, living at the outskirts of Maguri Racatau commune, remotely, at a distance of approximately 5km from it and, although affected by a rather severe form of deaf-mutism, he proudly takes care of his household and is passionate about reading. He has only several old books that he cherishes and, in absence of electricity in the area he lives in, he takes advantage of each moment of natural light to enjoy his ancestral land. The second person is Rozalia Rucan, who theoretically has access to electricity, but does not have the necessary resources to pay the bills.

The installed photovoltaic panels, the cables, connectors, invertors, batteries and all the other parts of the RON 75,000 investment will be able to change the lives of these two people, as well as of the third, which will be identified based on the stringent needs. Moreover, any uncovered funds of this investment will be used to build and equip a bathroom for Mr. Martiniuc’s household, who is raising his three children alone in Maguri Racatau. He has already benefited from the installation of double-glazed windows and doors through a previous project financed by OMV Petrom. It should be noted that this year he generously refused some packages of food brought by CERT volunteers, mentioning that he was well-prepared for this winter, and he would be happy for that food to reach his most needy neighbours.

“We overcame the cold with the warmth of their souls. We pierced the fog with the light in their eyes. The snow drift and the difficult trails turned into joy and hope as soon as we walked through their doors. It’s about the 150 families in need and alone grandparents and about the 150 children whom we visited during the 13th edition of the Christmas Humanitarian Campaign. 65 off-road vehicles travelled hundreds of kilometres through the isolated areas of the Apuseni Mountains, loaded with 5 tons of food and non-food products, for those most in need. We wanted to give them a little joy for the holidays and the confidence that we will be by their side, and, at the end of the day, they are the ones who gave us kindness and energy for truly happy holidays,” say the representatives of CERT Transilvania.

The companies that have contributed to this approach, materialized in “packages with joy”, are T-S-I.RO, Distribuție Energie Electrica Romania, Baumann Automation, Hidroelectrica, Rolicom Import Export. The GazDeRomania and teams have also joined the volunteers in this humanitarian action, which was also attended by representatives of companies, associations, and journalists in the energy sector.

© Photo: CERT Transilvania

About CERT Transilvania

Asociatia CERT Transilvania carries out actions for food distribution, afforestation, greening, disaster response, renovation of educational units, encouraging children from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their studies.

For more than ten years, the representatives of the association continue to get involved in activities meant to contribute to building a better future for the generations to come.

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