The Newest Member of APPCR: TeraPlast

The Professional Association of Cables Manufacturers from Romania (APPCR) announces the joining of a new caliber member within the organization: TeraPlast, part of the TeraPlast Group, the largest polymer processor in Eastern Europe.


“We are delighted to welcome TeraPlast in APPCR and we are confident that together, with all of your members, we will honor our mission. The cables industry and related industries are the key element for modern energy transportation networks, communications, and data, and we are dedicated in finding solutions to support the safety, ecological durability, and innovation within it. We have powerful members, with experience, leaders in their segments, whose perspectives bring value and relevance to our initiatives,” APPCR President Cristian Gheorghe stated.

“Our installations portfolio is constantly developing through investments in expansion and development of new quality Romanian products. The proof is our latest solution for telecommunications infrastructure – TeraDuct. We are the only producer of microtubes for optical fiber in Romania. Besides the domestic development, we engage in initiatives that aim to contribute to the development of the markets in which we operate. APPCR comes with a solid agenda in cable production, and we can contribute with expertise in order to fulfill the objectives of the association,” said Alexandru Stanean, CEO, TeraPlast.

The association aims to create a bridge between private and public stakeholders, providing top expertise, supporting the development of the local cable market. APPCR’s mission is to protect, promote and develop cable producers’ interests, as well as of the participates in related industries from Romania. To this end, the Association represents the common interests of the members in front of national authorities, as well as in front of European Union, or any other interested parties.


About TeraPlast Group

The group contains the following companies: TeraPlast, TeraGlass, TeraPlast Recycling, TeraBio Pack and Somplast. Since 2nd of July 2008, TeraPlast SA is listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange with TRP symbol. The actions of the company are included in BET reference index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and, from September 2021, in the Small Cap and Global All Cap indices of FTSE Russell. In the evaluation of Vektor based on 15 criteria of communication in relation with investors, carried out by ARIR, TeraPlast obtained the maximum grade, 10, for the third consecutive year.



The Professional Association of Cables Manufacturers from Romania (APPCR) it’s the only association of profile from the industry, bringing together the main cable manufacturers nationwide, which includes companies such as Prysmian Cables and Systems, ICME Ecab, Electroplast, RCB Electro 97 and Iproeb. The membership of APPCR can be attributes to any Romanian individual or legal person who has demonstrated ethics and good business practices and who recognizes and undertakes to comply with the Statute and Code of Conduct of the Association, as well as any other procedures, policies or internal documents which will be brought to their attention, in compliance with the legal requirements in force. It must be part of the category of cable manufacturers or related industries and is committed to supporting the objectives and work of the Association.

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