Transelectrica – Remarkable Presence at CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA was represented, during August 28 – September 2, 2022, both at expert and leader levels, in one of the most important international events in the field of high voltage grids – CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022, now at the 49th session.

CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022 brought together relevant representatives from the international community of energy experts, with the participation of over 3,800 delegates from around 100 countries. To this end, the current situation and the future trends of the energy sector were discussed and analysed during an active week of debates and presentations of complex specialty papers.

The activity of the conference was intense, held through over 400 scientific presentations, over 50 seminars, workshops, and tutorials on topical energy issues, 160 meetings of working groups and 30 meetings of study committees, which through the 16 areas of interest covered all the areas of the energy sector.

CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022 also hosted the largest relevant exhibition for the presentation of state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and technical solutions.

Transelectrica was actively present in most forums and tutorials organized within the conference, through the interventions of a team of energy professionals, who presented papers, participated in debate sessions, and shared professional ideas and experiences with technical experts around the world.

Transelectrica was also represented at management level, by the participation of Florin Cristian Tataru, Executive Board member, and Supervisory Board members Catalin-Andrei Dascal – Chairman, Costin Mihai Paun, and Virgil Orlandea.

Transelectrica’s management attended the official opening ceremony, as well as the CEO Forum, an event organized in the context of CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022 conference and addressing leaders, to allow high-level debates on the current challenges of the global energy transition.

On the side-lines of the conference, the management team of Transelectrica had an official meeting with ENTSO-E delegation, led by the President of the Association, Hervé Laffaye, as well as a meeting with the representatives of RTE International on issues related to the implementation of the new technologies in the context of the process of transformation of the European energy sector.

Transelectrica is a collective member of the Romanian National Committee (RNC-CIGRE), being affiliated through a traditional partnership, which continues a collaboration for over 15 years. Currently, the company has 68 members in RNC-CIGRE, and 60 of them are also members of CIGRE Paris.

On the occasion of CIGRE PARIS SESSION 2022 conference, Ciprian Diaconu, president of RNC-CIGRE, director of OMEPA Division within Transelectrica, was re-elected member of the Steering Committee.

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