Ricardo Cano: Shaping the Future of Energy Segment with Atlas Copco Bolting Solutions

Ricardo Cano, Business Line Manager General Industry in Atlas Copco Customer Centre Eastern Europe, shared with us smart bolting solutions to increase operational efficiency and optimize service costs.


The energy sector is undergoing huge change. What are todays challenges in terms of assembly of big bolts?

Ricardo Cano: There is a transition from fossil fuel sources to clean renewable sources, but all energy sector operations need to increase productivity and reduced costs to remain competitive. This is driving demand for smart bolting solutions that can increase operational efficiency in areas such as faster process times, less bolted joint failures, and optimized service costs.


How to meet these demands?

Ricardo Cano: To address it, the implementation of smart technologies in the factory and also in the field-based environment is a critical path. It will ensure the best quality products are manufactured, installed and operated for the full product life cycle with reductions in both risk and cost.


So, Industry 4.0 tools and data usage is the future also in this segment?

Ricardo Cano: Furthermore, smart tools will enable the interconnectivity and data analytics to be applied through the full value chain of OEMs, from manufacturing to operations and even beyond to partners and service providers all of which drive faster product development, quicker problem resolution, and rapidly deployed process improvements across multiple sites or locations.

If the process control and documentation capability used in production facilities today were to be deployed in the O&M environment, this would have significant positive impact for OEM’s, contractors and wind Industry as a whole relating to higher quality delivered work, cost reduction, and improved operational efficiency.

This was not possible in the past, however the new availability of mobile connectivity, cloud and smart devices are enablers that make this very much a reality today. We see these solutions as future and already today Atlas Copco offers SMART bolting tools.


How does it work? How are the tools communicating’?

Ricardo Cano: In order to have a truly connected and efficient system it is critical that all bolting technologies (hydraulic torque, bolt tensioning, continuous rotation) have one common user interface, both for operational process control and analysis and traceability of data such as Atlas Copco controller Power Focus 6000.


Which areas is Atlas Copco specialised with bolting solutions?

Ricardo Cano: We are experts in all controlled bolting techniques used for example in energy segment. We offer complete and dynamic range of bolting tools includes hydraulic bolt tensioners and hydraulic torque wrenches, as well as pneumatic and electric transducerized nutrunners. Our big advantage is our production facility. All products are designed and produced in our own plants in UK or Sweden, so we are able to offer our customers the best world quality and furthermore we can design and produce many special bolting tools made for unique applications.


Is it possible to order a demo or rent your tools?

Ricardo Cano: Yes, it is always best solution. We have special VAN fully equipped with Atlas Copco Bolting solutions. Our experts come to the customer premises and after discussion of needs we can find the best solution for the customer. We also offer trainings for bolting tools operators and other customers involved in bolting.

Atlas Copco SMART bolting products


Revo HA + Power Focus 6000

 Unigue smart nutrunner with many benefits together with Atlas Copco controller Power Focus 6000.

4 model up to 8000Nm will covering many applications.


  • First ever swiveling Transducerisedtool in this segment.
  • Traceability,  angle control – High quality assembly
  • Faster (2x , 3x ), lighter & compact compared to competitors
  • Two-handed safety start & ergonomics with weight on two hands
  • Socket release for easy release of reaction bar on joint
  • Reporting to Tools Net, Open protocol

RTA – RT Advance

Hydraulic wrench with hydraulic pump with sensors and provisions for reversible encoder. Angle encoder option empowers tool to report even a small deviation in angle (2048 readable positions over 360˚ rotation) and report errors.


  • Covering applications up to 71000Nm
  • Built in WIFI
  • Multifunction controller
  • HD 10” Colour touch Screen
  • 16GB inbuilt memory
  • 4 identifiers for traceability
  • User friendly interface
  • Torque, Angle and time based strategies


The newest smart cordless battery nutrunner.


  • Cordless
  • 4 models up to 4000Nm
  • Unique Strain gauge torque transducer for better process quality
  • Dual trigger as standard for higher safety
  • Powerful permanent magnet motor
  • IP41 classification for better durability
  • Extremely long-term battery
  • Data collection


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