ADAA and USIBID to Support and Promote Sustainable Business

The US Institute of Business and International Development, based in Washington DC (USIBID) joins the initiative of the Association for the Development of Indigenous Entrepreneurship ADAA to support and promote sustainable businesses, by getting involved in the national project of ‘Financial Education for Economic Growth and Business Development’. In this sense, the representatives of the two organizations signed a cooperation and mutual support agreement to develop the business communities at national and international level.

“Cooperation is the key to success for businesses and communities alike, and I believe that by working together with USIBID we will be able to create added value in the business community. Both organizations have a common objective: to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial environment. When we talk about cooperation, a first project refers to ‘Financial Education for Economic Growth and Business Development’, where USIBID is an official partner. I am convinced that USIBID’s experience and notoriety will bring added value to ADAA projects, and cooperation between organizations will expand internationally,” Andreea Negru, Founding President of ADAA, says.

For his part, Manuel Oancia, President of USIBID, claims: “We believe that only through sustainable partnerships for business growth and internationalization can we have an essential contribution to sustainable economic development. It all starts with a shared vision and desire to collaborate. We need to work together to support and develop programs specific to entrepreneurs to help them develop and grow. We welcome the initiative of ADAA to get involved in increasing the degree of financial education and we join it by offering our expertise in the business field to entrepreneurs in Romania to face the current challenges. Investing in financial education is the key to a successful business and an emancipated society.”

Through this partnership, ADAA continues the approach of having well-known institutions with experience and expertise supported at the national and international level to offer entrepreneurs specific programs and projects that help them diversify their businesses and scale them internationally.


About ADAA

The Association for the Development of Indigenous Entrepreneurship ADAA advocates for the development of entrepreneurial and associative culture among indigenous entrepreneurs and for the defence and promotion of their interests. Also, ADAA actively promotes the role and importance of entrepreneurship for the sustainable economic development of Romania. The association was established in 2012 as a pressing need of the entrepreneurial environment to find a platform for communication and promotion of good practice models at national and international level. In addition, ADAA’s mission is to support awareness, both individually and collectively, of the importance of women’s involvement in public life, society, and business.



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