Odfjell Well Services Secures 4-year TRS Contract with OMV Petrom

Odfjell Well Services (OWS), a global player in the upstream oilfield service sector, has recently been awarded a Tubular Running Services (TRS) contract by OMV Petrom. OWS has been serving the Romanian integrated oil company continuously for over a decade, and this new contract is expected to strengthen the association between the two industry powerhouses.

Headquartered in Tananger, Norway, OWS was founded in 1973 as a specialist in offshore tubular running services. Over the years, OWS has emerged as a major provider of tubular running, wellbore intervention and drilling tool rental services with a presence in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. The company is trusted by its clients because of its strong track record in safety and efficiency.

During the 4-year contract term, OWS will help OMV Petrom achieve increased drilling efficiency and well control using its casing running tool (CRTi). This industry-leading tool can be connected to the rig’s top drive in just 30 minutes and operated remotely from the driller’s cabin.

Casing activity represents just 10% of the drilling process, but more than 50% of lethal accidents on drilling rigs take place during casing running. This is because conventional casing running methods are typically labour and equipment-intensive thus elevating the risk of accidents and non-productive time. The CRTi tool offers a simple, fully mechanized alternative that replaces much of the conventional equipment and personnel spread thus increasing efficiency, improving safety, and reducing operational cost.

With a rich history of more than 160 years, Romania was once Europe’s largest oil producer, and still has one of the largest processing capacities in Eastern Europe. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the country recorded a steady production of 72,000 barrels per day in 2020. The long-term association with OMV Petrom makes Odfjell Well Services a part of this illustrious history.

“This contract is another example of how we are applying our unique capabilities to solve challenges and create successes for our clients,” said Alexandru Gomoescu, OWS Regional Manager for OWS Eastern Europe. “It is a tremendous opportunity for us to further demonstrate how our expertise enables a new generation of advanced oilfield solutions.”

Top Drive Casing Running | © Photo: Odfjell Well Services

TopDrive Casing & Tubing Running

The modern, efficient, and safe way of running casing and tubing. 30 minutes is all it takes to connect OWS’ casing running tool (TDCRTi) to the top drive. In most cases it will save you money directly during operation, and by in finishing the task in less time than using conventional casing running equipment.

  • The TDCRTi enables the driller to circulate, rotate and reciprocate without having to hook up external equipment. The moment you run into trouble you engage the appropriate function. It is literally at your hands.
  • Cut casing time considerably with Top Drive Casing Running. On a dual derrick rig, it is possible to run close to fifty joints per hour.
  • Cut the number of TRS technicians needed to run the casing. The TDCRTi is remotely operated and controlled from the drillers cabin. After rig-up, with the TDCRTi connected to the top drive, the driller is in position to run the casing alone. With the Torque Turn Sub installed, it is even possible to read graphs from an onshore location.
  • Top Drive Casing Running removes the need for power tongs. That means less equipment on drill floor and no connections from hydraulics. The process runs without people in red zone.

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