OMV Petrom Launches Digital Platform for Gas Supply Services for SMEs

OMV Petrom launches the platform through which the clients, legal entities, can conclude agreements for gas supply from OMV Petrom. The platform is designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and digitizes the entire process of contracting and managing natural gas supply services. For a new client, the estimated time for concluding and validating a natural gas supply contract on the platform is 20 minutes.

“We are an integrated energy company and a reliable natural gas supplier, covering approximately 40% of the consumption needs of the market in Romania. is part of our strategy to target small and medium enterprises with gas supply offers and, through this platform, we provide an intelligent and transparent service to simplify the interaction with our clients,” Franck Neel, member of OMV Petrom Executive Board, responsible for Downstream Gas, said

The platform can be accessed via any device (desktop, tablet, phone). With the help of, the natural gas supply services of OMV Petrom can be customized and the clients’ legal entities benefit from an efficient control of consumption, a high degree of cost predictability and extended payment terms.


Innovation & Technology in OMV Petrom

Technology and Innovation are key enablers of OMV Petrom strategy 2021+, along with people and organizational culture and sustainability.

The energy mix demand is changing, the environmental standards are getting higher and the need for a cleaner future requires more and more attention, while the costs need to become more effective. Meanwhile, the digital era impacts all of us and we must be ready to embrace the benefits of innovative ways of working and use of the latest technologies.

Investments in innovation are vital to ensure long-term sustainability of the business. OMV Petrom seeks innovative solutions to optimize operations, explore business opportunities and develop new business models.

Other OMV Petrom’s initiatives to drive digitalization include:

  • Well automation: approximately 5,000 wells have been automated
  • Pilot project for NB – IoT (narrowband Internet of Things technology) – an absolute premiere in Romania – testing real time monitoring of producing wells located in isolated areas
  • Well Integrity Management System WIMS – the data are transmitted into Operational Hubs where engineers process the alarms and in case needed send mobile teams into the field to check on the particular well
  • HolloRod technology (hollow rods) helps significantly reduce wax deposits on the surface of production equipment.
  • Lined Tubings – a new technology that prevents against abrasion and corrosion meaning significant time and costs reductions

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