Euro Sun Files Re-Zoning Plan for Rovina Valley Project

Euro Sun Mining (ESM) confirmed that following the approval of the Avizul de Oportunitate received on June 15, 2021, the Company will proceed to the next stage of permitting for the Rovina Valley Project. The Company has officially filed the Planul Urbanistic Zonal (PUZ) or Certificate of Urbanism for Land with the County of Hunedoara, Romania and the working group established for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The PUZ or re-zoning process takes the existing pastoral and forest lands within the project footprint and re-zones the required area for industrial activity.

The SEA with the Environmental Protection Agency of Hunedoara County (EPA) is the environmental opinion on the PUZ. The EPA continues to receive the agreements and/or opinions from all the administrative authorities for the environmental opinion on the PUZ.

“The PUZ process is well defined and normal for any building project in Romania from a grocery store to a mine. We are very encouraged by the continued positive dialogue with the Hunedoara County Council and other government agencies as we enter these advanced stages of permitting and setting the stage for construction activities to begin,” Scott Moore, Euro Sun’s CEO, stated.

Over three consecutive weekends beginning June 26, the Company held eleven town-hall style information sessions in all the communities in and around the Rovina Valley Project. Organized by Euro Sun employees and supported by their lead environmental and social management consultants, ERM, their people provided clear and transparent disclosure on all aspects of the project, from not utilizing cyanide, to not having any wet tailings, to adding 300% of the forests affected by the project prior to re-planting virtually all of our disturbed areas over the life of the mine. The technical design of the project was clearly communicated as well as the economic benefits through significant job creation. The participation of the Romanian State was communicated as well through an explanation of the royalty rates under the National Mining Law; of which a significant portion of those royalties ensure directly to our local communities.

“We would like to thank all the participants for attending our information sessions as we strive to ensure total transparency of the Rovina Valley Project and its benefits to all of our local stakeholders,” Scott Moore added.

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