I4 Mining Dynamix: Real-time Data Consolidation and AI + IoT Solution Delivery Platform

I4 Mining have made Dynamix, the core platform that supports their pre-built digital mining solutions, available to the market.

A real-time data consolidation and AI + IoT solution delivery platform, I4 Mining Dynamix boasts extreme interoperability, enabling businesses to integrate every data source and existing piece of technology in one place to create an accurate single source of truth and establish a complete lifecycle, lifetime view upon which AI and automations can then be built – all in a single platform.

I4 Mining Dynamix comes pre-configured to report on key business metrics and enables executives, as well as those in the field, to assess performance and execute real-time, insight-led decisions on credible, complete data sets. It also enables businesses to use the data they already must get started and then grow the solution to be end-to-end, pit-to-port over time when new data points are identified or needs grow.

“The I4 Mining Dynamix platform is the foundational piece of technology that miners need to create a true, complete digital mine that has been missing until now. Dynamix works with the technology that you already have and enables you to effortlessly compile real-time, accurate reports on SDGs, tonnage, TCFDs, asset utilization, safety metrics – or anything else – in seconds. What’s more, it provides a window to view a mine (or business’) lifecycle across its lifetime in one place and not only guide mining executives as to how they can achieve critical business objectives via predictive analytics but gives them the Industry 4.0 functionality needed to achieve them using AI and automation, too,” Phillip McBride, I4 Mining’s lead and Rayven’s CSO, said on the release of Dynamix.

“I4 Mining Dynamix is hyper-flexible, fully-interoperable, and can be deployed (and scaled) both fast and affordably – it’s the next generation Industry 4.0 platform mining businesses need to digitally transform incrementally, fully, and affordably,” he added.


About I4 Mining

I4 Mining is a specialist suite of digital mining solutions built on the Dynamix real-time data and AI + IoT solution delivery platform created by Rayven, the world-leading Industry 4.0 specialists, dedicated to helping the mining sector achieve tangible business results and true digital transformation.

Dynamix is 100% interoperable with existing and third-party technologies; it unites data, creates a real-time single source of truth, and adds easy-to-use Industry 4.0 functionality to provide miners with real-time predictive insights and automation abilities from pit-to-port and beyond, effortlessly.

I4 Mining’s digital mining solutions build on the Dynamix foundation and contain pre-built functionality for multiple use cases, including advanced AI and adaptive real-time analytics, so that miners can achieve ESG, productivity and many more business objectives out-of-the-box, rapidly.

Fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use (codeless), and commercially viable at-scale; I4 Mining enables mining businesses to truly transform and spend the time that usually goes into development hyper-customizing and optimizing their solutions in the field – reducing risk and delivering a rapid, measurable ROI.

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