AFEER Dedicated to Gas Market Regulations in Romania

The Association of Energy Suppliers in Romania (AFEER) has started internal discussions on improvement of gas market regulations, as part of association’s activity in the natural gas sector. Therefore, it supports all suppliers and traders of energy (electricity and natural gas).

At the invitation of AFEER’s Management Board, a first meeting took place with representatives of companies operating in the gas sector, as well as with representatives of 10 companies’ member of the association that have chosen a multiple membership (electricity and natural gas).

“After a period of transition, or organization of the Association, respectively attracting new members from suppliers and traders of natural gas, we are ready to start the activity related to the natural gas side. This first meeting was attended by 25 participants, with the purpose of knowing each other and taking steps to set up a working group dedicated to regulations in the gas sector, based on the model of the working group on energy already existing within AFEER and which operates successfully, having remarkable achievements,” said AFEER President Ion Lungu.

Participants in the meeting appreciated AFEER’s initiative, this extremely important activity in the area of regulations in the natural gas sector, which has missed. A meeting followed with the working group for regulations in the field of electricity having as topic ANRE’s proposal to change the performance standard of the supply activity and in the second half of June a meeting will take place in which the composition of the Working Group dedicated to regulations in the gas sector, emergencies and how to solve them will be established, mentioned Laurentiu Urluescu, member of AFEER’s Management Board.

Almost 15 years since its establishment, the Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania has decided to extend its activity and also support gas suppliers, in other words energy suppliers. AFEER wants to be a powerful, competent, and unitary voice of professionals in companies that supply millions of consumers with electricity and natural gas, in conditions of safety and reliability. The commitment of the Association is for the development of a healthy energy market, of a transparent business environment and ensuring a correct information of electricity and gas consumers.

“We will continue the campaign initiated in 2015 for a correct information of consumers, especially households, given that an informed consumer is a protected consumer, so we will also develop this campaign on the natural gas side,” mentioned AFEER President.

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