ALUMNI UPG, a community of graduates

The Alumni Association of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti – ALUMNI UPG” was established in early 2017, having an educational, social, cultural and scientific nature. Now, all graduates of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti can join the ALUMNI association, which aims to facilitate communication between all members of the association, both in the country and abroad.

All graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, regardless of the graduation year or the specialty graduated, may be members of ALUMNI.

“If you are a graduate of UPG Ploiesti, we invite you to join us by filling in the registration form. We are many and we are spread all over the world. Let’s find ourselves in a community, all those who have graduated from UPG Ploiesti” – reads the official webpage

ALUMNI Association, whose President is Prof. Mihail Minescu, Ph.D. Eng. – Pro-rector of UPG Ploiesti, has a scientific and social, non-governmental, democratic, independent, non-profit and apolitical nature.

UPG is a higher education institution with recognized prestige across all continents and lives naturally through its students and graduates. In 2018, our university celebrates its 70th anniversary, and so far, it has more than 44,000 Bachelor’s Degree graduates, over 11,000 graduates of Master’s Programs and more than 800 Doctors in science. Many of our graduates have held over the years and are currently in key positions in important energy fields and not only, in their countries of origin or in any other country in the world. Together, through the ALUMNI UPG association, we can efficiently perform in promoting the image of our university and yours as well, as our graduates, we can directly intervene and improve education, scientific research and pragmatic orientation to the real needs of the global economy, through all its components,” the President of the Association believes.

By creating and maintaining a database of UPG graduates, accessible to all users through the above-mentioned website, the association aims to represent an interconnection platform. The purpose of ALUMNI UPG is to help build and consolidate relationships between UPG graduates in all promotions and all forms of education, promote collaboration between UPG and its graduates, promote the image of UPG and its graduates; continuously improve the education system and adaptation as quickly as possible of the training of engineers, economists and philologists to market requirements, promote scientific research and support the activities of UPG graduates.

In order to achieve the objectives, the association will carry out the following activities: organization of meetings, reunions, conferences, seminars, symposiums and roundtables; setting up and supporting clubs, cultural associations for students and graduates; organizing a database, regularly updated, with the members of the association and data about them; creating and managing a website to facilitate contact between graduates, access to the database and information of interest to UPG graduates; editing of magazines, informative materials and a directory; collecting and administering funds from which annual scholarships are awarded to UPG students who achieve notable professional and scientific performance; providing moral and logistic support to members of the association; supporting the activities of the professional counselling department for UPG students and graduates; carrying out projects and programs for the modernization and improvement of UPG courses and infrastructure, as well as for the development of cultural and artistic projects; supporting the improvement of teaching staff and their involvement in the real industrial and economic environment; granting awards and distinctions to its members and prominent personalities of the university or business environment; collaborating with other organizations in the country and abroad; encouraging and supporting the cultural and artistic activities of UPG students and graduates and awarding prizes for this kind of activity.


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