Ciprian Peptea, Managing Director Algeco Romania: Project Management and Customer Care Are Our Main Strengths

We spoke to Ciprian Peptea, Managing Director of Algeco Romania, about the company’s competitive advantages and solutions offered in the industrial sector.

Part of the Modulaire Group – Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading specialist in modular services and infrastructure – Algeco Romania has been offering complete space solutions for over 15 years, for rent or sale. Algeco’s modular buildings can become temporary or permanent spaces for different uses, enabling people to work more productively, improve their quality of life, and enhance their learning. Through its wide range of 360° Services, Algeco can customise and deliver turnkey buildings, making every project more efficient.

Mr. Peptea, what kind of services has Algeco provided to the industrial sector in over 15 years of activity in Romania?

Ciprian Peptea: In the industrial sector, particularly in the oil & gas and refinery area, we offer fully customised solutions, including for projects in remote locations. Our main competitive advantage is the “360° Services”, which allows us to deliver turnkey projects. This means that when customers hire from Algeco, they get more than just a building. They get a fully functional space that’s ready to start working straight away.

Another strength is our team’s speed of response to customer needs, with our experienced staff always prompt and available to provide appropriate solutions to our beneficiaries. Our Customer Care and Project Management divisions are another advantage, as they provide consultancy and maintenance throughout the contract period.


In a field as complex as modular infrastructure, EHS practices are very important. What is Algeco’s approach to this?

Ciprian Peptea: “Safety first” and “Zero harm” are top priorities in our day-to day work, both at Algeco locations and at the beneficiaries’ sites. Together with the Group, we have implemented an organisational culture where EHS is at the core of everything we do and which is continuously developed to make sure we provide a safe working environment for our employees, beneficiaries, and their staff.

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Sustainability is now a key factor more important than ever to the business environment. What steps have you taken in this direction?

Ciprian Peptea: Algeco’s modular buildings have always been based on the principles of a sustainable circular economy, with components, materials and raw materials that can be reused multiple times.

We have initiated an ESG programme involving the entire Algeco organisation, as well as subcontractors, ensuring that together we provide green solutions that benefit both us and our customers.

With everyone focusing on low energy consumption, we have expanded our product portfolio with space heating solutions that guarantee a reduction in electricity costs by up to 21%, and we will introduce a key new product – solar panels – to our offer. Also, for environmental reasons, we manage the selective collection of the waste we produce during the assembly of our modules and equipment, including at customer sites.


What are your estimations on the evolution of modular buildings in Romania?

Ciprian Peptea: The last few years have required adaptation and flexibility, which are precisely the strengths of our modular solutions that we also applied in such situations requiring urgent reactions.

Even in the current context our forecasts remain positive, with demand for modular infrastructure growing in most market sectors. However, there will still be challenges in the economic and political environment, but we will act promptly, understanding the needs of the market and relying on both the expertise of our team and the support of the Modulaire Group.

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