CONPET Inaugurated the Newest and Largest Crude Oil Storage Tank at Calareti Station

CONPET on November 17 inaugurated the commissioning of the newest and largest crude oil storage tank, in Calareti, an imported crude oil pumping station, located 50 km from Bucharest.

The tank, with a capacity of 31,500 m3, is equipped to the highest technological standards, being endowed with the following components:

  • Aluminium membrane and dome ensuring a high degree of safety in operation and maximum protection of the environment.
  • Automation, measurement, and control systems implemented in the SCADA – CONPET system.
  • A modern agitator system (with automatically controlled movement) that will lead to the elimination of deposits and a much easier long-term maintenance, ensuring in addition the possibility to provide clients with blending services (mixture of different types of crude oil).
  • Detection and intervention installations (with water and foam) in case of fire.

The commissioning of the crude oil storage tank took place after all the legal requirements regarding its use in the production flow were met.

At Calareti there is an intermediate pumping station, fully automated, through which imported oil or oil extracted from the continental shelf of the Black Sea is handled.

The station is located on the main transport route that connects Constanta and the refineries, respectively the oil depots located in Ploiesti and Pitesti, being a modern subunit that has, besides technological automation, intelligent anti-burglary and fire protection systems.


“CONPET proves, once again, that through the investment programs undertaken every year, it manages to bring the highest level of technical performance in support of streamlining the activity and optimizing the main technological flows, with special attention paid to environmental and human protection,” said the head of the Transport Operations department within the company, present at the event.

CONPET S.A. holds national critical infrastructure, based on the Government Decision no. 1198/2012 on the designation of national critical infrastructures. At the same time, the national petroleum transmission system managed by CONPET is of strategic importance, according to Petroleum Law no. 238/2004. The company is defined, by law, as being of national and strategic importance.

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