Dacian Petroleum Deploys HiberHilo to Boost Efficiency of Gas Wells

Following a successful initial pilot, Dacian expands HiberHilo installations to remotely monitor tubing pressure and other parameters at wells located in southern Romania.

Dacian Petroleum, an independent Romanian oil and gas company, has turned to Hiber’s HiberHilo satellite-powered remote well-monitoring solution to help it to reduce downtime and boost the productivity of its marginal gas wells.

Dacian Petroleum acquired 40 onshore fields in the south of Romania from OMV Petrom in November 2021. The aging fields comprised several wells that required a well-monitoring solution proven for use in remote locations. By selecting HiberHilo, Dacian was able to rapidly implement a cost-effective solution that enabled Dacian to proactively identify potential wellhead problems and avoid expensive shutdowns.

Impressed with the initial test phase, Dacian Petroleum has now signed a deal with Hiber to deploy HiberHilo to monitor the tubing pressure of several onshore gas wells.

This agile solution digitizes well monitoring using low-cost, low-power satellite IoT connectivity to gather and deliver well performance and safety data to achieve productivity and sustainability objectives.

“Our partnership with Dacian Petroleum proves that our HiberHilo well-monitoring technology delivers a fast ROI to smaller, independent operators,” said Hiber CEO Roel Jansen. “Whether a well is producing 10 or 1,000 cubic meters a day, HiberHilo can deliver insights 24/7 so that interventions can be scheduled to mitigate the impact of technical faults and maintain optimal production. This is vital for any business, no matter whether it operates high- or low-producing wells, it can be the difference between profitability or taking a real hit to the bottom line.”

HiberHilo makes it easy to bring new technologies to oil and gas production. It delivers a comprehensive remote monitoring and management solution—hardware, software, and satellite connectivity—that is easy to install and use. HiberHilo also includes digital pressure sensors and remote temperature monitoring devices that provide regular, reliable pressure and temperature data from any well, anywhere.

Dacian is using HiberHilo to transmit sensor data from the wellhead to a central dashboard so its production team can closely monitor each gas well and act in advance to prevent incidents that could cost tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance, lost production, and potential environmental liability.

According to the industry studies, through better well monitoring, oil and gas producers can expect to see as much as 10% boost in productivity, up to 4% reduction in downtime, and up to 7% improvement in ultimate recovery.

Hiber is also helping Dacian save costs through better reservoir modelling and management. For example, by monitoring water accumulations in gas wells (via accurate flowing pressure recording), Dacian can optimize the dewatering process.

Being able to act before an issue arises means Dacian reports significant savings through operational efficiency on these brownfields, improving overall profitability for the acquisition.

With its IoT-as-a-service connectivity, comprehensive feature set, and low acquisition and operational costs, the economics of HiberHilo were compelling for a growing energy company like Dacian. Dacian’s engineering team have found HiberHilo installations are fast and easy, requiring just two hours. The bottom line: Dacian could get the technology out in the field quickly and start collecting data ― and identify any problems ― faster.

“As a growing, independent oil and gas company, we needed proven remote well-monitoring technology that would deliver maximum benefit at an affordable cost. Being able to implement the technology quickly and easily was also important, given the age and condition of the wells. Like us, Hiber is a young company, and their can-do attitude and agility in delivering this solution perfectly matched the way we like to do business,” Dragos Chetan, senior production technologist at Dacian Petroleum, commented.


About HiberHilo

HiberHilo is a comprehensive IoT-as-a-service solution for the oil and gas industry developed by Hiber in a joint venture with WTS Energy. It gathers data from sensors on wells and relays to a secure online dashboard via a global satellite network for IoT.

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