Engie inaugurates first CNG fuelling station in Romania

In the context of increasing concerns to protect the environment and contribute to the reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions generated by road transport, Engie proposes an innovating solution, optimal for the transport sector: compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles.

Compressed natural gas for vehicles is a new generation alternative fuel with multiple competitive advantages over conventional fuels.

  • Environmentally friendly fuel: Compressed natural gas is the greenest combustion fuel, vehicles using this fuel emitting up to 30% less greenhouse gases and up to 90% fewer fine particles, depending on the Euro pollution standard of the vehicle; also, the noise level is lower than for other fuels by 50%.
  • Safe fuel: It is nontoxic and has a low degree of flammability, being easily dispersible into the air.
  • Economically profitable: It ensures consumption savings of up to 40%, depending on the volume of the analysed motor vehicle, as well as a lifespan of vehicles extended by up to 80,000 km.

Compressed natural gas is extensively used in many European countries among which Italy is the leader, where approximately 1,000,000 vehicles using this type of fuel are in circulation.

Engie has built 150 compressed natural gas stations, most of which in France and Belgium.

Romania is one of the few countries in Europe where the technology of compressed natural gas for vehicles hasn’t been implemented yet on a large scale, but which, given the degree of maturity of the solution and its solution, has a development potential especially for companies with significant fleets.

Anticipating these evolutions, Engie Romania has inaugurated the first public compressed natural gas fuelling station in Bucharest. In the medium term, the company’s plan is to develop a network of fuelling stations, in public or private regime, for partners interested in this solution.

This project developing a green mobility solution is in line with the strategy of Engie Group, focused on reducing pollution generated in the transport sector, in the context of accelerated urbanization.

“The tradition as a major player in the natural gas sector is an asset we can capitalize on to develop this alternative technology for a large range of customers, from urban transport administrations to companies with significant fleets of high or low tonnage motor vehicles. The station inaugurated today is a first step in a market with an important potential, and Engie Romania has purchased 25 vehicles provided with this technology for the internal fleet,” Eric Stab, Chairman & CEO of Engie Romania, has stated.

At the recently inaugurated fuelling station, both large tonnage vehicles, buses and cars can be supplied. Vehicles are supplied in the station by a certified operator, and payment for fuel is made through a dedicated terminal allowing all methods of payment (bank card, fleet card, cash, voucher). The alternative fuels station is also equipped with a fast charging equipment for electric vehicles.

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