Enterprise Deployment of AI & Digital Solutions Enabled by the DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Schlumberger and OMV Upstream announced an enterprise-wide deployment of AI and digital solutions enabled by the cloud-based DELFI cognitive E&P environment, across OMV’s global operations. The five-year agreement will see the two companies collaborate to enhance efficiencies across OMV’s operations and position the company as a digital front-runner in the energy industry.

“We are working hand in hand with OMV; jointly innovating on projects to support specific business goals like the reduction of well planning times and acceleration of field development planning, supported by leading digital technologies deployed within the DELFI environment,” said Rajeev Sonthalia, president, Digital & Integration, Schlumberger. “This global digital deployment is a testament to the operational teams of both companies. The successes we have already achieved together underpin our innovation mindset to set us on a steady path toward achieving the enterprise-scale successes OMV is targeting.”

“OMV and Schlumberger share the belief that digitalization is more than technology,” said Johann Pleininger, Executive Board member responsible for Upstream and Deputy Chairman of OMV. “It’s a new way of working and how we organize our global businesses. We are leveraging the DELFI environment to make the integration of our teams a reality. The powerful combination of physical science enhanced with new digital technologies leads to significantly faster and more informed decisions across both technical disciplines and operational settings. This can make our business even more efficient and therefore more cost-effective.”

An extensive pilot deployment of the DELFI environment helped OMV realize operational efficiencies in exploration, field development planning, drilling and well planning. The OMV Upstream subsurface team used AI-enhanced workflows in the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite to automatically create and simulate 200 model realizations in one-sixth of the time. In well planning operations, the DrillPlan solution helped plan eight wells in the time it would normally take to plan one.

The agreement formalizes the commitment from both companies to progress the industry standard OSDU™ data platform and lays the foundation for further collaboration and innovation for workflows and solutions across the energy spectrum.

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