First Investment Objective on BRUA Route Inauguration

Transgaz has inaugurated Jupa Gas Compressor Station, part of BRUA Phase 1 project, which is on the list of Projects of Common Interest of the European Union and is developed in the context of the need to diversify gas sources in EU countries. The event took place in the presence of Romanian and European high-ranking officials.

BRUA project aims to ensure access to new gas sources, as well as facilitate Caspian gas transport to markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The project ensures bidirectional transmission capacities of 1.5 billion cubic meters per year in relation to Bulgaria and 4.4 billion cubic meters per year in relation to Hungary.

“Through the way in which BRUA project has been managed so far, Transgaz has proven that it is able to manage strategic initiatives of European scale. BRUA is on schedule, as I have stated each time, and in the following period we will continue to inaugurate new investment objectives within this project. I thank all employees of Transgaz, as well as all contractors, for their effort. Besides BRUA, Transgaz manages simultaneously other major investment projects, such as those allowing the development of the National Gas Transmission System so that each local community has access to gas, as well as Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, which will increase the degree of regional energy security and provide the Republic of Moldova with a new economic and energy perspective,” said Transgaz General Manager Ion Sterian.

BRUA Phase 1 project consists of achieving the following objectives: Podisor – Recas pipeline,  32” x 63 bar, with a length of 479 km, as well as 3 gas compressor stations (Podisor GCS, Bibesti GCS, Jupa GCS), each station being equipped with two compressor aggregates (one operational and one as back-up), with the possibility of ensuring bidirectional gas flow.

Jupa Gas Compressor Station is a technological facility interconnected to the following gas trunklines: DN 32” Bibesti GCS – Jupa GCS, DN 32” Jupa GCS – Hungary, DN 20” West 1, DN 20” West 2.

The purpose of Jupa GCS (Caras Severin County) is to compress gas in the trunk pipelines to which it is connected, in order to offset pressure losses inherent in the gas transmission process. The station is bidirectional; it can compress gas both from Bibesti direction to Hungary direction and from Hungary to Bibesti.

Jupa GCS includes two Gas Compressor Units (one active and one back-up) manufactured by SOLAR TURBINES, US, with a power of 4.6 MW each and consisting of: SOLAR Centrifugal compressor unit C40, meant to increase the gas pressure for transmission; SOLAR CENTAUR 50 gas turbine, which is the engine actuating the centrifugal compressor.

The value of the construction contract on 31.08.2019 (without maintenance) for Jupa GCS amounts to RON 103.56mln, the value of the 2 compressor units installed in Jupa GCS being EUR 12.6mln.

The order for the commencement of works was issued on April 16, 2018.

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