First Jacket in the Romanian Black Sea Block Installed by GSP Teams

On March 31, Romania’s GSP announced the successful installation, 120km off the coast of the Black Sea, of the first fixed production platform in Ana Block. The moment is significant for the history of hydrocarbon exploitation on the Romanian continental shelf of the Black Sea, given that it marks over three decades since, in May 1987, the first oil drilling installation in the region became operational. Today, after 34 years, Romania’s GSP, in partnership with developer BSOG, install the first fixed platform that will extract gas from the Romanian continental shelf of the Black Sea.

“We are at a key moment for the Romanian industry, but also for the national energy sector. 34 years had to pass for Romania to find its courage, resources and allies to develop new projects of exploitation in the continental shelf of the Black Sea. This stage of Midia Gas Development project sends at least two messages. First of all, the Romanian industry has, again, the capacity to build big projects. The gas exploitation projects from the Romanian Black Sea shelf are sustainable,” said Gabriel Comanescu, president of Grup Servicii Petroliere.

The jacket (basis of the platform) for Ana fixed platform was manufactured at GSP’s shipyard in Agigea. The 1,300-ton installation measures 101m high, of which 69m are below sea level. The jacket will sustain the topside of the rig, which is already built in the operational basis of GSP in Agigea and will be transported and installed shortly.

Grup Servicii Petroliere is the main constructor of the first development project for the extraction of new hydrocarbons in the Romanian area of the Black Sea. All stages, from design, manufacturing, transport to the actual installation of the platform are performed, in integrated system, by GSP.

The 1,300-ton metal structure was transported to the installation site in the Ana block by GSP Bigfoot 2. The operation was of high complexity, which employed a large part of the GSP fleet: the largest floating crane in the Black Sea, GSP Neptun, the multifunctional barge GSP Bigfoot 1, with a crew of 160 people and several multifunctional support ships.



About GSP

Grup Servicii Petroliere is the regional leader in the sector of integrated offshore services for the oil and gas industry.

The company operates an extensive and diversified fleet of mobile offshore drilling rigs, multifunctional offshore assistance and supply vessels, marine construction and submarine pipeline installation vessels. The company owns and operates the most powerful floating crane in the Black Sea basin, GSP Neptun, with a capacity of 1800 tons.

GSP teams manufactured, transported, built and installed the largest topside jacket in the Black Sea, at Akcakoca, in Turkey’s offshore.

In 18 years of existence, the company has delivered over 65 offshore oil drilling projects worldwide, built and installed hundreds of km of submarine pipelines and managed complex projects, integrated from the design and engineering stage, to manufacturing, logistics, construction, installation and even decommissioning.

Over 2,600 experts and specialists from around the world are working today for GSP group.

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