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OMV Petrom invests over EUR 130mn in two gas treatment plants

OMV Petrom completed construction works at two new gas treatment plants located near important production zones. The two projects, which required investment of over EUR 130mn since 2013, will ensure gas deliveries into the national transport system at pressures of up to 40 bar. The new facilities treat approximately 7.5% of OMV Petrom’s gas production in Romania. If used for heating only, the annual gas production processed at Burcioaia and Mădulari could cover the needs of over 330,000 households.

“Burcioaia and Mădulari are twin projects implementing standardized solutions and modular design concepts for Upstream facilities. Burcioaia and Mădulari projects allow to treat a capacity of up to 2,000,000 Sm3/day and to deliver gas in the national transport system at high pressure. Additionally, they extend the lifespan of production operations in mature fields, as the new plants can receive incoming gas at low pressure”, said Peter Zeilinger, member of OMV Petrom executive board responsible for Upstream.

The gas projects in Burcioaia and Mădulari consist of construction of infield gas lines and gas processing facilities for dehydration, compression and measurement as well as the necessary infrastructure for connection to the national transport system. Dehydration process uses a Triethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration unit in order to achieve gas specification in terms of water dew point and a propane cooling process for the hydrocarbon dew point. Two highly efficient reciprocating compressors with the nominal power of 1 MW each provide the compression to deliver into the national transport system. Currently a total of 19 production wells have been connected to the facilities with a cumulated gas production of up to 7,000 kboe/d.

Construction works for the two projects amounted to approximately 1.3mn man-hours, without incidents.


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