LIQVIS and Vulcangas Partnership: New LNG Filling Stations in Germany and France

LIQVIS and Vulcangas are pleased to have gained each other as a strong business associate. “This partnership is an example of our common commitment to provide more logistics companies access to an international LNG filling station network, especially on the frequented route from Italy via Germany to France,” the companies’ representatives say. 

Every owner of a VCARD can now benefit from access to the growing LIQVIS infrastructure network and can fill up their trucks at the LNG filling stations in Germany and France. With the newly opened station in Leipzig, LIQVIS offers 10 LNG refuelling stations in Germany and 2 in France.

For LIQVIS, Vulcangas is a valuable business partner because they open doors to strategically highly important customers: Italian freight forwarders and logistics companies.

According to Uniper’s press release, “LIQVIS is looking forward to welcoming all Vulcangas customers at our stations in Germany and France and to supply them with LNG. Vulcangas is also pleased to start its partnership with LIQVIS by adding its infrastructure to the company’s network of gas filling stations in Europe. The new agreement means that Vulcangas will increase its offer with a new strategically located network. It is a pleasure for the company to collaborate with an industry leading partner such as LIQVIS.”

Uniper subsidiary LIQVIS has been operating LNG filling stations since 2017. These are located at strategic transport hubs that serve a particularly high volume of trucks, such as Bad Honnef, Berlin, Bönen, Gotha, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Leipzig, Magdeburg, and Ulm. This year LIQVIS stations will also be commissioned in Alsfeld and Salzbergen. By establishing strategic partnerships for purchasing BIO-LNG from sustainable sources, Liqvis is also setting the course for CO2-neutral heavy-duty logistics. In 2023 Liqvis will offer first BIO-LNG quantities as an alternative fuel for heavy duty trucks at its LNG filling stations in Germany.

VCARD users will find an important tool: thanks to the LIQVIS network, they will also be able to refuel their vehicles in Germany and France.

“This partnership makes Vulcangas very proud and represents a clear snapshot of the good work done in recent years as industry players: thanks to our commitment, more and more logistics companies will have access to a Vulcangas network of LNG filling stations. We are therefore confident that the joint effort between Vulcangas and LIQVIS will result in a major impact for CO2 emission reductions,” Vulcangas’ representatives added.


About LIQVIS and Uniper

As a subsidiary of the international energy company Uniper, LIQVIS is building a demand-driven infrastructure for LNG in commercial transport. Since 2017, the company has operated two LNG filling stations in Germany. Uniper is active worldwide with approximately 11,500 employees and operations in Europe, Russia, and numerous other markets. The company operates power plants in Europe and Russia with an installed capacity of approximately 34 gigawatts and creates new relations between global energy markets through their commercial activities. Uniper is one of the leading companies in the LNG business and is represented at many stages of the LNG value chain.


About Vulcangas

For over 50 years, Società Italiana Gas Liquidi S.p.A.- Vulcangas has always supplied clean energy and the Vulcangas brand stands for efficiency, quality, environment consciousness, research, and development. They play a key role in the market field with a network of 7 LPG storages and 11 branches which cover all the Italian territory. With more than 50 companies daily supplied, Vulcangas is the Italian market leader in the LNG trade for the civil, industrial, and automotive sectors.

Since 2020, Vulcangas has been releasing BioLNG (liquefied biomethane) for automotive use, produced in Italy from certified supply chain, which is already available at 11 service stations. This is Vulcangas concrete contribution to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

VCARD is Vulcangas fuel card which is increasingly in demand by fleets, logistics and transport companies. It works on more than 65% of the L-LCNG service stations throughout Italy AND 90% of Italian LNG Trucks. An extensive coverage along the major freight transport routes makes it easy to refuel any LNG-powered vehicle.

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