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Mobile training simulator gets oil and gas industry seal of approval for well control

Drilling Systems’ revolutionary mobile On-The-Rig (OTR) simulator has been accredited by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) for well control accreditation at Robert Gordon University.

The unique mobile OTR simulator, which enables rig crew training to take place onsite at the rig itself, received industry approval for Level 3 and 4 well control from the IWCF following months of development by Drilling Systems and leading oil and gas university, Robert Gordon.

IWCF is one of the global independent bodies which sets international training standards for well control accreditation. Having IWCF accreditation means delegates using the OTR receive one of the highest-quality, industry-approved training qualifications in internationally-recognised well control standards.

Drilling Systems worked with Robert Gordon University (RGU) over several months to develop the market-leading product, adding features such as a separate choke control panel and ensuring the software complies with the IWCF’s requirements.

The OTR can now be used to train well control crews all over the world onsite – providing a cost effective and immediate method of training and assuring competency.

“Achieving IWCF accreditation for our OTR mobile simulator is a glowing endorsement of the quality of the product and the training it provides. Well control students at RGU will now be able to benefit from industry-approved training and assessment using the OTR simulator,” Clive Battisby, Chief Operating Officer at Drilling Systems, said. “We are very grateful to RGU for all their help in the development of the OTR unit for well control training,” he added.


About OTR

ON THE RIG (OTR) is a fully portable mobile simulation platform bringing training to the well site. This compact unit offers full training simulation in multiple disciplines, covering areas such as Drilling, Well Control, and Lifting.

The highly adaptable OTR platform offers comprehensive learning integration capability for competence assessment and development. OTR has an easy-to-use learning management interface designed specifically for stand-alone operation but can be used in conjunction with an instructor when required.

OTR brings together the use of simulation technology at its core and the most comprehensive learning system available in a single package to deliver continuous training, development and competence assessment from the start of operations.

Combining this with Drilling Systems new module-drive route-to-competence package, theory can be put into practice allowing continuous training in a safe environment. This increases knowledge retention, ensures safe process and practices while allowing current skills to be assessed and improved while ‘on the job’ in the field.

In addition, as improvement opportunities are identified using OTR, learning and development programs can be implemented to ensure competence standards across the workforce can be continuously improved.

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