MOL’s new LPG terminal in Tileagd

MOL Romania, the local subsidiary of MOL Group, has completed the construction of the LPG terminal in Tileagd, Bihor County.

The investment in the new facility, covering an area of over 10,000sqm, has exceeded EUR 2.3mln.

The terminal, which is perfectly operational, includes 4 LPG tankers with a total storage capacity of 600 cubic meters, 4 discharge/charge pumps connected to two compressors – designed for an annual capacity of up to 30kt.

The facility is equipped with a fully automatic, computer-controlled charging system and complies with all regulations on occupational safety and the environment.

The gas is stored in terrestrial tanks, equipped with state-of-the-art safety and protection systems, including automatic volume and temperature measuring devices, fixed fire extinguishing systems, as well as early detection and alarm sensors.

The terminal is also provided with a vapor recovery unit to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds, complying with the highest standards in the field.

The LPG terminal supplements the asset base that MOL already owns at Tileagd, where a petroleum products storage facility, for gasoline, diesel and LPG, has been operational since 1999.

Currently, the facility in Tileagd is operated by 22 employees.

The terminal is a key facility for LPG supply to the entire region, being conceived to support the security of propane supply to customers in western Romania.

Also, the terminal supplies LPG to MOL stations from the western, north-western and central regions of the country, as well as to the wholesale distribution partners in the same region.

It is estimated that the new facility will reach annual deliveries of 15kt in 2018 and 30kt by 2020.

Each product category – propane or autogas – will be managed and processed through a system that includes individual discharge pumps from tank wagons, gas recuperators, transport pipelines, storage units, compressors and pumps for loading in tanker trucks.

“We are very proud to inaugurate today the first LPG terminal built by MOL in Romania. It is a project that represents a milestone in the long-term strategy of the company, in order to continuously optimize our logistics chain and diversify our business activity, as well as the portfolio of services to customers. The investment increases access to LPG for current distributors in the region and enhances business opportunities, and also access to this product for new small and medium-sized companies. Together with the development and modernization of the network of filling stations, optimizing the logistics chain is an important factor for increasing the economic efficiency of MOL Romania,” Camelia Ene, Country Chairman & CEO MOL Romania, has stated.

Besides the petroleum products tank farm in Tileagd, MOL Romania also manages a unit for the storage of petroleum products in Giurgiu.

The facility in Giurgiu, which has direct access to river transport on the Danube, was commissioned in the spring of 2013 and is operated by 14 employees.


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