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New Rotaflex design reduces lifting costs and accelerates the transition to high-performance rod-lift

Weatherford International plc announced the commercial release of a new Rotaflex® long-stroke pumping unit that improves artificial-lift efficiency in challenging applications including deep, high-volume and high gas-to-liquids wells.

The new Rotaflex design extends the functionality of a field-proven technology with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. The units apply long pump strokes — up to 36.5 feet — that allow more time for fluids to enter the pump intake before being lifted to surface. By delivering fewer strokes per barrel at a constant velocity, the Rotaflex design increases equipment run life, mitigates downhole failures and decreases deferred production.

The latest version of the Rotaflex unit adds numerous features that improve lift efficiency, including a purpose-built 350-series gear reducer and enhanced top drum. The unit also includes numerous enhancements that improve reliability and maintainability, including a built-in rollback system, greater accessibility, an enhanced lubrication system and a revised ladder system.

“For decades, our customers have relied on Rotaflex pumping units to quickly transition from short-term, early lift methods to high-performance rod-lift systems,” said Kyle Chapman, President of Production at Weatherford. “We have spent the past few years talking with users, learning how we can make our Rotaflex units even more effective for them — and we are very pleased to start putting our optimized Rotaflex units to work in the field.”


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