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Offshore and Marine Owners’ New Deal to Go Green

An innovative finance deal that will allow offshore and marine asset owners to reduce their fuel consumption, costs and emissions has been launched.

Blueday Technology, which designs and installs integrated energy systems for energy, marine and maritime customers, has teamed up with sustainable energy infrastructure fund manager SUSI Partners to offer a new financing structure for asset owners.

Fifty million euro is now available for Blueday Technology clients to install integrated energy systems. The scheme removes the biggest obstacle standing in the way of asset owners installing hybrid energy systems: the need for a significant, upfront capital investment.

Asset owners and operators in the oil and gas, drilling rig, maritime, aquaculture and shore power sectors could all benefit from the new deal.

“The offshore and marine industries are facing financial pressures at a time when their emissions and carbon footprints are coming under scrutiny. This is a fantastic opportunity for owners and operators to reduce operating expenditure and emissions while future-proofing their assets. Blueday Technology is at the forefront of hybrid technology. Our SMART hybrid solutions keep assets running at peak efficiency and customers report a return on investment within two years. We know that cash pressure is one of the main barriers to installing our systems and future-proofing assets – we’ve now solved that problem for owners and operators through our agreement with SUSI Partners,” Hans-Petter Heggebø, CEO of Blueday Technology, said.

Under the new arrangement, asset owners and operators who want to install hybrid energy systems will face no upfront costs; instead, they will pay a monthly fee.

Gustavo Coito, Director in SUSI Partners’ investment team, added: “We are delighted to partner up with Blueday to deliver a combined solution to asset owners and operators, allowing for economic and environmental benefits while removing the key hurdle faced with when deciding to go electric.”

The new finance scheme is available for owners and operators globally. To find out more, visit www.blueday.no


About Blueday Technology

Blueday Technology was established in 2013. It has become a recognised supplier delivering complete system integration projects for the rig and marine industry, including automation, electrical and mechanical power system solutions.

Blueday Technology has a strong and differentiated reference list of projects from the highest quality Norwegian and international drilling companies, ferry operators, major oil companies, Norwegian and international ship owners, defence and aquaculture.

Strong growth in the market and, in particular, the considerable cost reductions associated with energy optimisation make Blueday a strong and growing partner to top-tier customers.

Blueday’s SMART Drive Hybrid System is based on years of research and development. With a wide range of products, Blueday maximises the power electronic technology to offer the best solution and return on investment for customers.

Blueday’s focus is on supplying sustainable and reliable solutions with appropriate recommendations about installation and maintenance.


About SUSI Partners

SUSI Partners is a Swiss infrastructure fund manager specialising in sustainable investments supporting the energy transition.

The firm currently manages approximately EUR 1 billion in investor commitments across five funds focused on opportunities in clean energy generation, energy efficiency enhancements, and energy storage and integrated solutions.

With a successful track record of more than 85 transactions in 19 countries to date, SUSI Partners seeks to achieve attractive, stable and uncorrelated returns, while contributing to global climate targets by reducing C02 emissions.

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