Premium Winter Fuel, First Produced at the Petromidia Refinery

KMG International Group, through its subsidiaries – Rompetrol Rafinare and Rompetrol Dowstream, developed and launched in Romania the premium winter fuel – Xtreme Winter EfixS Diesel. With a cetane number of at least 55, this is a unique combination for optimal engine operation in severe winter conditions, down to -35 degrees Celsius.

Xtreme Winter EfixS Diesel is already sold in 195 Rompetrol stations in Romania, and in the following period it will be available in the 87 Rompetrol fuel stations in the Republic of Moldova.

The formula of the premium winter fuel was developed and tested in the Petromidia refinery, the benefits provided by the cetane number of 55 being supplemented by a series of performant additives for the optimal functioning of the car at extremely low temperatures.

The cetane figure is an indicator of the quality of the diesel, and by the high degree of purity it ensures a complete combustion of the fuel, a high calorific power and implicitly, a reduction of the wear of the engine. At the same time, it allows a rapid reaction of the engine in demanding conditions – overtaking, slope climbing, high load.

For this type of fuel, after numerous tests and tries, a cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of -35 degrees Celsius was obtained. CFPP represents the lowest temperature at which diesel fuel passes through the filtration element when subjected to certain cooling conditions.

This improved EfixS Diesel 55 fuel formula is the result of the sustained investments made by KMG International in the Petromidia refinery, which today has the most advanced technological solutions in Romania and in the region. At the same time, the professionalism of the people involved in this project has led to the development of a unique premium diesel fuel in Romania, a fact that attests to the capability of Petromidia, a modern refinery, operated by capable and dedicated people.

In severe winter periods, the non-use of a fuel suitable for very low temperature conditions can lead to engine blockage.

As of January 2020, KMGI’s retail segment in Romania comprises 390 operational fuel stations.

Source: KMG International press release

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