Project of National Importance: Pojorata-Vatra Dornei Gas Transmission Pipeline

Romanian Government has passed a decision under which the Pojorata-Vatra Dornei gas transmission pipeline was declared project of national importance in the gas sector.

The project, with an estimated value of RON 27,331,245, was included in the National Development and Modernization Plan of Transgaz, company in the portfolio of the Ministry of Economy, plan approved by ANRE, thus resulting in its strategic and national dimension.

Currently, in Pojorata-Vatra Dornei area there is no gas supply pipeline. Firewood, coal and liquefied gas are used for heating up the homes and preparing food. These fuels are also used to heat up commercial spaces and existing social cultural objectives.

Completion of Pojorata-Vatra Dornei pipeline section creates the prerequisites for interconnecting the gas transmission system in the north-west of the country with the gas transmission system in the north-east, thus being defined as a project of national importance.

The implementation of this project also addresses a number of social needs, in a significant geographic area – the northeastern part of the country, including education (kindergartens, nurseries, educational establishments, university campuses not connected to gas), health (future regional hospitals, county, municipal and urban hospitals, elderly homes and social centers), social protection and employment.

Economy Minister Nicolae Badalau said the project is a proof of how the Romanian Government supports local communities and contributes to increasing the quality of life of Romanians living in rural or urban areas, in small and medium-sized communities.

“Through this project we provide access to natural gas for all localities on the route of the pipeline. We are talking about approximately 35,000 inhabitants, 12 secondary schools, 12 kindergartens, 5 high schools, school clubs, libraries, 3 hospitals and spa complexes, as well as tens of medical practices. Equally important is the economic impact for the development of the area, an important area for tourism, with major objectives, very loved and sought by the Romanian and foreign tourists, the area having an economic profile of ecumenical and leisure tourism. Vatra Dornei Resort is a tourist resort of national interest, Pojorata commune is a tourist resort, and Sucevita commune is a tourist resort of national interest, which leads to the initiation of numerous investment projects, which are being designed or implemented. In addition, in the area there are spa chains with a very wide range of natural factors. Private investments in tourism exceeds RON 300 billion, investments made for new accommodation capacities and modernization of existing ones, generating 15% more accommodation capacity and 25% more tourists,” the Economy Minister said.



The gas transmission pipeline Frasin-Campulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei, DN 300/DN 250, design pressure 40 bar, with a length of 65.57 kilometers, was designed and partially built during 2005-2006, within the program Utilities and Environment at European Standards in Suceava County, whose technical and economic indicators were approved under GD No. 484/16.05.2002.

One of the proposed pipelines was the gas transmission pipeline Frasin-Campulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei, Dn 300/Dn 250, Pn 40 bar (design pressure) with a length of 65.57km. The pipeline section Frasin-Campulung Moldovenesc, Dn 300, was completed, but it was not commissioned, and the pipeline section Campulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei was partially executed.

Legal steps were taken in 2009 for Transgaz to take over all pipelines and connections for gas transmission executed within this program. After carrying out the technical analysis and preparing the technical and economic documentations, they were handed over definitively and free of charge by the Suceava County Council to the Transgaz patrimony. Thus, according to the development program of the company for 2011, in a first stage, the 29.6km long pipeline section Frasin-Campulung Moldovenesc was reviewed and commissioned, section ensuring gas supply to the locality of Campulung Moldovenesc.

The pipeline section Campulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei, Dn 250, with a length of 35.67km, was partially executed by the Suceava County Council through the program ‘Utilities and Environment at European Standards in Suceava County’. After Transgaz had taken over the entire objective, this section was redesigned and in a first stage a pipeline section was commissioned in December 2017, from Campulung Moldovenesc to Pojorata, with a length of 9.28km. Since then, the technical design rules were modified, so now the technical project includes the technical details specific to Pojorata – Vatra Dornei section.

Vatra Dornei municipality has a population of approximately 16,850 inhabitants, being the fifth largest urban center of Suceava County; it operates with a biomass (sawdust) power plant, having real problems in the supply of thermal energy to the population and businesses, a situation that is found in the whole mountainous area of Suceava County.

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