Rompetrol, a New Fuel Station in Suceava County

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of KMG International Group in Romania, has opened a new station under the Rompetrol Partner franchise in Patrauti commune, Suceava county. The station was built and is operated by Euro Vasilas.

“We continue to develop our network of fuel stations, and with our partners, success is guaranteed. The proof is the 20 stations taken under the franchise in the last three years. Through the Rompetrol Partner program, we are able to meet our customers with high quality products and services, anywhere in the country. The system we have implemented provides the partners with the know-how necessary for the development, in an extremely competitive and exciting business,” says Serghei Sevcenco, General Manager of Rompetrol Downstream.

The fuel station in Patrauti, raised with an investment effort of about 1.5 million USD, offers customers, through three latest-generation pumps (one of which with an increased flow rate), access to the Efix and EfixS fuel ranges – the recognized products obtained at Petromidia Navodari Refinery – the largest refinery in Romania and one of the most modern in Southeast Europe. At the same time, those who will fuel at the Rompetrol Partner Patrauiti station will be able to benefit from all the facilities found in the Rompetrol stations – payment through the Fill&Go system and retail services at the brand standards.

The station also has an LPG supply point, an automated carwash for cars and trucks, a store and restaurant area, taking into account the station’s position, between Suceava and Radauti, on the European Express Road 85, the most important in the region of Moldova. Moreover, the station also benefits from a large parking area, specially designed for trucks that cross the area. The investment also has a social impact, by creating a number of 30 jobs, but also through the local taxes generated by the activity of the station.

Launched in 2002, the Rompetrol Partner concept was meant to bring a coherent business model to the Romanian market, but also to develop a balanced and beneficial relationship for both parties – for Rompetrol, the expansion of the network of fuel stations throughout the country, and for partners, the possibility of modernizing the station and increasing the turnover by associating with one of the most important brands in Romania.

The entry under the Rompetrol umbrella translates into the supply of Efix and EfixS quality fuels, support in operating standards, complex training of employees and access to national marketing campaigns. At the same time, the partner stations are rebranded with the support of Rompetrol and added to the integrated fuel sales management systems.

“We can say that we are witnessing a tandem growth of both the Rompetrol brand and the Rompetrol Partner franchise. This motivates us to continue the upward trend, and the plan for the next 5 years is to initiate at least 7 new partnerships every year. It is an alert but achievable pace, taking into account the growing popularity of the Rompetrol brand, which in 2019 entered the Top10 at national level, according to the specialists,” adds Serghei Sevcenco, General Manager of Rompetrol Downstream.

The new concept enjoyed by Rompetrol stations, developed and implemented six years ago, has also been transferred to partners. According to internal studies, customers are delighted with the new look of the stations, and the recognition of the Efix brand as a leader among fuel brands, the reputation of the Rompetrol brand, but also the doubling of the popularity of the Fill&Go service, are the arguments of increasing customer satisfaction.

At the end of July, Rompetrol Downstream operated 939 fuel points (own stations, Rompetrol Partner stations, Rompetrol Expres stations, internal bases of 9 and 20 cubic meters), increasing by 70 units compared to the same period last year. To these are added 6 fuel deposits (Arad, Craiova, Mogosoaia, Simleul Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei and Zarnesti), but also the 3 bottling stations for liquefied petroleum gas (Bacau, Arad and Pantelimon).

Rompetrol Downstream together with Rompetrol Gas managed an increase of 7% of the total quantities of fuels sold (petrol, diesel, LPG) internally from January to June 2019.

In the retail segment, the companies recorded an 8% increase in sales in the first six months of 2019. The evolution was supported by the projects of intensive and extensive development, marketing, but also by a significant growth in the NFR segment (non-fuel retail), which led to the optimization and reduction of the operational costs.

An important factor in increasing the quantities sold and the value obtained is represented by the fuels produced at the Petromidia Navodari refinery, which, through the investment programs in the modernization and compliance of its installations, constantly manages to maintain itself to high quality standards.

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