The Sniffers Partners with INCAS Romania to Reduce Methane Footprint

The Sniffers, the leading global environmental and integrity service provider, and INCAS, the Romania-based research establishment specialized in environmental aerial surveys for methane detection, are partnering to help local gas- and energy companies get a complete picture of their methane emissions performances. By combining The Sniffers’ source measurements at ground level, and INCAS’ expertise in aerial surveys to map methane leaks on site level, the partners will support oil & gas players in Romania identify their complete methane emission situation.

The Sniffers’ technical specialists identify and quantify methane emissions from installations directly at the sources using a wide range of best available techniques. Local gas- and energy companies are now able to work with The Sniffers and INCAS to help them work towards OGMP 2.0’s Gold Standard and eventually reach the level 5 reporting target.

“Decarbonization is without a doubt one of today’s more challenging issues. Ambitious targets and actions will ensure the acceleration of methane gas reductions contributing to both slowing down climate change and improving air quality. We are enthusiastic in supporting our partner with the institute’s expertise in aerial survey operations and also being a part of a joint effort for a better future,” Dr. Eng. Catalin Nae – INCAS President & CEO, said.

“With our new partnership, we can help the Romanian oil & gas industry assess and reduce their methane emissions performances using both a top-down and bottom-up approach, leaving them with a complete and credible picture of their methane footprints. We look forward to working with INCAS Romania on helping clients carve out their path towards OGMP 2.0’s level 5 reporting target,” Bart Wauterickx, CEO of The Sniffers, added.

Partnerships are crucial in the efforts to reducing methane emissions to the atmosphere, the second largest contributor to climate change, and to achieve the Paris goals for Global Warming. Until recently, stakeholders often stayed in the dark when it comes to companies’ actual methane emissions performances. The lack of accurate data and global transparency is now being resolved through precise measurements and more insight in companies’ actual methane footprints, especially with the recent launch of the OGMP 2.0 framework.

With new technology and the opportunity to combine approaches on source level and site level means that there is no longer any reason to wait to reduce methane emissions. The time to act is now.

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