Natural Resources vs Market Trend

What is the relationship between natural resources development and the market trend? How does the evolution of market impact industrial activities?

In an increasingly globalized world (process accelerated by the current health crisis), natural resources are extremely important in the regional geostrategic equation, and their exploitation and capitalization in an advantageous manner for the states holding them should be the law. I say this thinking about the fact that no technological process in the world can be carried out without resources, whether human or material. If for the first part of the problem there is no longer an impediment to work in any place on the planet, for companies that pay better than others, for the second half, that of mineral resources, it is more difficult to transfer them from one side to the other of the globe. This in conditions in which they are not leased or simply sold to some companies that have nothing to do with the states that hold natural resources.

In this entire paradigm of globalization, in which digitization plays an increasingly decisive role, the strategy of making the most of natural resources that nature has given to us is more than important. Of course, it all has to be put in the light of market trend, global warming, we know that, of sustainable capitalization on soil and subsoil riches, of environmental policies etc., in one word to be in line with the new tendencies that must necessarily be ‘politically correct’.

It seems that green energy, electric vehicles and all these adjacent industries benefit and will be trendy and in great demand in the years to follow. This is to the detriment of countries that hold natural resources (mineral resources, oil and gas resources), which will no longer be that popular. Environmental activists (see the case of famous Greta Thunberg, who at the age of 15 was traveling to all conferences around the world to sound the alarm about global warming, and even confronted former White House chief Donald Trump, live) fight hard for cleaner air, less pollution, green energy etc. We all want to breathe a cleaner air, to be healthier.

But the other side of the coin is less on the radar. Countries whose natural resources are no longer fashionable will suffer to the detriment of those that massively invest in the new market trend. This could result in discontents or even protests, I don’t want to think about more than that.

Mining seems to be backed into a corner by the new green technologies, and even by important decision-makers at European level and not only, in conditions in which China wants to rebuild the Silk Road and, moreover, to build in every important region on the new economic axis a power plant fired by… coal. Motor vehicles powered by conventional fuels are increasingly slandered against the electric ones, but increasingly more voices say that the batteries of the latter are very expensive and… polluting. In conclusion, no wonder what many ask themselves, as Caragiale would say, “who shall I vote for?”.

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