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Eneria, as investor and general contractor, and OMV Petrom, as beneficiary, on May 23rd inaugurated their Cogeneration Plant in Poeni, Teleorman County. The plant has an installed power of 4.3 MWe and 2.6 MWTh and operates with associated gas. It is a turn-key project under BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) conditions which includes permitting, engineering, order equipment, construction and erection (civil works, mechanical, electrical and thermal works etc.), commissioning, operating and maintenance for up to 13 years.


The solution implemented by Eneria, the exclusive Caterpillar’s dealer for Energy & Transportation in Romania, consists of:

  • 3 Caterpillar gas generator sets in fully equipped sound attenuated containers (1-unit CG170-12, of 1.2 MWe and 2 units CG170-16, of 1.56 MWe); the total installed electric power being 4.32 MWe.
  • 2 fully equipped CCTS (concrete complete transformer stations) (0.4/20 kV/2×2000 kVA transformers, 04/20 kV 1×1600 kVA transformer, transformer/meter/line cells).
  • Associated gas treatment skid: 24,000 Nm3/day, input pressure 0.6-1 bar, output pressure 0.2 bar, consisting of separator filter, electric heater, measuring system, regulator, mounted in thermally insulated enclosure.
  • One triple steam generator that takes up the exhaust gas (~ 430 ºC) from the 3 generator sets and cool them down to 150ºC to produce low pressure dry saturated steam at 3 bar, 2 MWth, which is used in the oil heating process of the beneficiary. The steam generator is authorized for non-permanent surveillance for 72 hours.

The steam plant contains the following components: make-up water treatment plant, condensate storage tank, heat exchanger in make-up water heating plates (0.6 MWth), thermal and chemical degasser, pumping groups, oxygen and pH monitoring sensors.

The whole cogeneration plant is fully automatic and can be remotely controlled via the phone/laptop, operating without a permanent operator. The command & control room is provided with a common board for the reception of signals from all components of the plant (SCADA system on 17” display).

The gas generator sets have an electrical efficiency of 43.2% and an assumed availability of 94% per year, i.e. 8,240 hours/year.

This Eneria concept with a triple steam generator is a first in Romania. This is one of the 8 G2P/CHP projects of Eneria in Romania, with associated gas. Eneria portfolio includes 15 MWe installed and 15 gensets under Operation & Maintenance contract.




Highly efficient

With recent improvements of inlet ducting, combustion chamber design and high efficiency spark plugs, the CG170 gas generator set delivers up to 43.7% electrical efficiency and more recoverable heat while reducing carbon emissions.


Lower operating costs

An optimized lubrication system making the CG170 consume up to 1900 litres less lubricating oil each year than competition gas generators, which means more savings during operating and maintenance period.


Greater availability

The CG170 utilizes soot-free combustion with chamber plugs for extended maintenance intervals up to 4,000 hours. Newly optimized blow-by gas recirculation reduces turbocharger maintenance intervals and boosts efficiency.


System control

The Cat® Total Electronic Management System controls the entire system, not just the engine. Control or monitoring of ancillary equipment such as heat recovery modules, exhaust aftertreatment and fuel treatment systems becomes seamless. Features like temperature monitoring for each cylinder and anti-knock control allow for maximum power output and the best possible fuel utilization, even with fluctuating gas composition.


High transient response

When your facility requires operation isolated from the electric utility grid, an optimized CG170 turbocharging system is provided to ensure transient load response that will keep your operation running.

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