Cooperation Between ANRE Romania and the National Regulatory Authority for Energy from the Republic of Moldova

During April 14-15, 2022, an official delegation of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy in the Republic of Moldova, led by Mr. Veaceslav Untila, Director General, made a working visit to the Romanian National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), where they held talks with the delegation led by Mr. Dumitru Chirita, president of the authority.

In the opening of the meeting, the parties stressed the importance of the cooperation and support program between the two authorities signed in 2019, as well as the need to take over and implement the best European practices. The Romanian side reiterated its openness for providing the necessary support in the process of implementing the commitments assumed by the Republic of Moldova in the process of European integration and full implementation of the Third Energy Package.

The topics addressed during the meeting included: the presentation of the energy sector at the level of the two states, the synchronization of the energy systems in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine with the European system, the need for solidarity in case of energy crisis, the necessary measures to ensure gas and electricity supply, as well as the expertise that can be provided by ANRE Romania in the regulation of the energy sector of the Republic of Moldova.

“ANRE will continue to support the National Regulatory Authority for Energy of the Republic of Moldova to harmonize the domestic legislation of the Republic of Moldova with the European energy legislation, in order to reach an increased degree of integration of the regional market. We will extend dialogue and bilateral cooperation in order to apply the best practices, therefore ensuring the necessary support for the development and improvement, where applicable, the national regulatory framework in view of the experience accumulated by ANRE during the 15 years as regulatory authority within an EU member state,” ANRE President Dumitru Chirita stated at the end.

The purpose of the visit was addressing, together with the Romanian partners, the main challenges related to the energy security of the Republic of Moldova, diversification of electricity and natural gas sources and expansion of inter-institutional cooperation.

The delegations discussed Romania’s possibilities to contribute to the supply of natural gas to the Republic of Moldova in the context of possible changes to the existing contractual arrangements, as well as the provision of natural gas storage capacity necessary for the Republic of Moldova, on Romania’s territory.

At the same time, the parties appreciated the connection of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to the European electricity market – ENTSO-E. Therefore, the Republic of Moldova has obtained new opportunities to diversify its electricity sources, which can be imported, including from Romania.

The implementation of projects for the interconnection of energy infrastructures of both states will strengthen the energy security in the region, essentially diminishing the reliance of the Republic of Moldova on traditional sources, which is an important step in the liberalization of electricity and natural gas markets.

During the same visit, a meeting took place with the General Manager of Transgaz, Ion Sterian. The talks focused on projects to expand Transgaz’s infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova and new opportunities to provide Moldova with natural gas from the European market. The parties welcomed the investments made by Transgaz in the Republic of Moldova, which ensure the diversification of sources and represent a viable alternative in covering the consumption of natural gas in the country.

This visit is a key element in identifying the solutions to the challenges faced by the Republic of Moldova at the moment, generated by the crisis in Ukraine and the regional instability.

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