E-Distributie to Invest EUR 100mln in Modernization of Electricity Networks in Romania

E-Distributie companies in Romania will invest, this year, RON 483mln (approximately EUR 100mln) in the modernization of electricity networks in Bucharest and the ten counties where it carries out its activity in the country.

The value of modernization programs this year is added to total investments of RON 2.025bn made by E-Distributie Banat, E-Distributie Dobrogea and E-Distributie Muntenia during 2015-2019.

“E-Distributie companies invest, each year, important funds in upgrading electricity networks in Romania. Our priority remains digitization, to prepare the path towards energy transition. Our modernization programs have a direct impact on the networks’ capacity to supply energy to new consumers and improve the management of unplanned interruptions,” said Gino Celentano, CEO of E-Distributie Banat, E-Distributie Dobrogea and E-Distributie Muntenia.

The investment programs carried out by E-Distributie are aimed at upgrading transformer substations, by introducing them in the Telecontrol system, which allows remote control of interruption and manoeuvre devices in the electricity network and by replacing the transformers and other equipment. At the same time, E-Distributie invests in the replacement of power lines, in the video surveillance of substations and the installation of smart meters. This year, E-Distributie Muntenia, E-Distributie Dobrogea and E-Distributie Banat will install over 170,000 smart meters, through an investment of over RON 56mln.

All areas served by the three E-Distributie companies will be considered in the investment program for this year.

E-Distributie Banat will invest, in 2020, around RON 127mln in the modernization of electricity networks of the total amount, RON 26mln will be allocated in medium-voltage lines and transformer substations, RON 29mln in low-voltage lines, RON 21mln in transformer substations and RON 28mln in metering equipment.

The projects carried out by E-Distributie Banat include the modernization of several medium-voltage lines in the city of Arad and in the localities of Horia, Pecica, Ususau, Poltura, Nadlac in the county. In Caras-Severin County, the transformer substation in Otelu Rosu will have photovoltaic panels installed, and a number of medium-voltage lines in Resita and Serel will be upgraded. In Hunedoara County, In Orastie, Deva and Simeria, E-Distributie Banat will upgrade three transformer substations. In Timisoara, the company will upgrade a transformer substation, two medium-voltage lines, 8 transformer units and will prepare certain transformer units for mounting smart meters.

E-Distributie Dobrogea also has assigned investments of RON 117mln in 2020, of which RON 13mln in medium-voltage lines, RON 40mln in low-voltage lines, RON 6mln in transformer units, RON 16mln in transformer substations and RON 24mln in metering equipment.

In Constanta County, the company aims to upgrade two transformer substations with impact for the localities of Baba Novac and Eforie Nord, and in Constanta County several transformer units will be upgraded. In Ialomita County, two transformer substations will be modernized in Slobozia, where works to improve the low-voltage lines will continue.

E-Distributie Muntenia has investments planned worth approximately RON 229mln in the modernization of electricity networks, of which about RON 19mln in 110 KV lines, RON 32mln in medium-voltage lines, RON 41mln in low-voltage lines, RON 38mln in transformer substations, RON 28mln in supply points and transformer units and RON 46mln in metering equipment.

In Bucharest, E-Distributie Muntenia will modernize 9 transformer substations, several upgrades to 20 kV, as well as a number of medium-voltage lines. In Giurgiu County, two medium-voltage lines will be modernized and investments are planned at the low-voltage lines in several localities. In Ilfov, investments are aimed, inter alia, at modernizing a transformer substation and three medium-voltage lines.

Electricity networks operated by the three E-Distributie companies include 286 transformer substations and 23,575 transformer units, which distribute around 15 TWh of electricity each year, through over 128,000 kilometres of high-, medium- and low-voltage lines.


About Enel

Enel is a multinational energy company, one of the integrated leaders on the global electricity, natural gas and renewable energy markets. Enel is one of the largest utilities in Europe in terms of market capitalization and reported EBITDA. Enel Group operates in over 30 countries around the world, having a total installed energy capacity of about 88 GW. Enel distributes electricity through a network of over 2.2 million kilometres, has about 74 million household and corporate customers around the world, representing the largest customer base compared to European companies in the field. The renewable energy division, Enel Green Power, operates production units with an installed capacity of 46 GW from wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power sources in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. Enel X, Enel’s global business division dedicated to advanced energy services, is the world leader in network balancing solutions through energy consumption management, with a total capacity of over 6.3 GW, managed globally; the company has installed 110 MW of storage capacity and, in the electric mobility sector, around 100,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles around the globe.


About Enel Romania

Enel Romania is one of the largest private energy investors, with operations in the electricity distribution and supply sector, as well as electricity generation from renewable sources, present on the Romanian market since 2005. Enel has approximately 3,100 employees in Romania and provides services to 3 million customers. E-Distributie companies operate networks with a total length of approximately 128,000 kilometres in three important areas of the country: Muntenia South (including Bucharest), Banat and Dobrogea, covering one third of the local distribution market, and develops an investment program for the improvement of service quality, network safety and performance and local implementation of Enel Group’s environmental standards.

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