Eltex: Grounding with Electrostatic Systems

Charging and discharging bodies with static electricity is a phenomenon based on simple laws of physics. As these laws are universally applicable, static electricity is present in every area of industry. Spontaneous and uncontrolled discharges can cause substantial problems, as they impair production processes and thus incur unnecessary costs.

Our systems and concepts help you neutralize electrostatic energy or even use it in a targeted manner, thus turning it from a nuisance to a benefit.

Some of the industries that use such systems successfully are:

  • The plastics industry, in which electrostatic energy can help to prevent quality defects
  • The printing industry, in order to attain higher quality in ink transfer, targeted introduction of moisture and finishing
  • The packaging industry, in which the entire work process is improved
  • The chemical industry, which relies on electrostatic systems in manufacturing ink, varnish, explosives, and pharmaceutical products
  • The IT industry in manufacturing microchips and components that require the smallest tolerances
  • The automotive industry, in optimizing vehicle painting
  • Electrical engineering, to counteract unwanted charging of components
  • The electronics and film industry, in which microscopically pure products are required
  • The ceramic, glass, textile, metal and wood industries, in which work processes are made safer, faster and thus more cost-effective

The range of applications for electrostatic systems is unlimited, and so is our dedication to their continuous further improvement. Improving production processes is our task – optimizing quality, productivity and profitability for our customers is our goal.


Why do you need Eltex?

Primarily if you are a company whose workflows may experience interference from unidentified electrostatic energy or can be improved by its use. If you want to make your production faster, safer and more cost-effective, we help you do just that with our systems and expert advice.

As a mechanical engineering company, you need Eltex in order to equip your products with factory-installed systems to offer your customers higher safety, reliability and quality.

As a plant designer and consultant, you need Eltex if you would like to use Electrostatic Systems as a beneficial part of the design and construction of production facilities.

As an engineer, technician, and developer, you need Eltex in order to develop new process and product ideas using electrostatic energy.


Down to earth

Precisely when handling highly inflammable materials, uncontrolled discharge is a danger that is not to be underestimated. It can cause explosions, deflagrations, fires, and secondary accidents due to the effects of shock. Controlled grounding is a safe and easy measure for protecting people, production facilities and transport machines.

Grounding with electrostatic systems is particularly helpful in the following applications:

  • Loading and unloading tanker trucks
  • For effective explosion protection in production
  • For securing big bags when filling or emptying

Maybe you need Eltex and don’t even know it yet. In this case, we would be glad to meet with you for a consultation to help you analyse your specific situation.

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