Enel X Romania – NEPI Rockcastle Partnership: 25 EV Charging Stations Installed in 12 Cities

Enel X Romania installs 25 charging stations for electric vehicles in 12 cities in Romania, through a partnership with NEPI Rockcastle, the largest retail real estate investor in Romania.

The fast-recharging stations are installed, by Enel X, in shopping centers within NEPI Rockcastle portfolio in Bucharest, Sibiu, Deva, Ramnicu Valcea, Targu-Mures, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Timisoara, Buzau, Galati, Braila, Targu-Jiu and Satu Mare. They cover a distance of about 1,000 kilometers on the main roads in Romania, connecting cities in the south, center and west of the country. In this way, Enel X continues its plans to develop a network of recharging stations in Romania, encouraging road mobility of customers via electric vehicles.

“We continue the plan to develop the recharging infrastructure for drivers who opt for electric mobility, pressing the accelerator pedal towards energy transition and a sustainable economy. In Romania, we have an ambitious plan this year to expand the chain of charging stations and to encourage sustainable transportation. We are already present from east to west and we intend to connect the northern part of the country with the southern part. Now, through the network created by Enel X in Romania, any driver can cross the country from Timisoara to Constanta at the wheel of an electric vehicle without any concerns,” said Mihai Mardale, Head of e-Mobility Enel X Romania.

“One of the strategic directions of NEPI Rockcastle, in the long run, aims to support the green economy in Romania, as well as in the other eight countries where we have shopping centers. Through this project, we are consolidating our position in the field of sustainability and, together with Enel X, we manage to put the most important cities in Romania on the map of sustainable mobility. In our shopping centers, we will provide customers with parking spaces specially designed to allow access to charging stations for electric cars, both in our underground and above-ground parking lots,” said Marius Barbu, Asset Director, NEPI Rockcastle.

Through this initiative, NEPI Rockcastle encourages sustainable transportation and aims to minimize the carbon footprint we leave onto the environment. All the sustainability projects of the NEPI Rockcastle Group in the nine countries, including Romania, are communicated under the umbrella #ResponsiblyTogether. ‘ResponsiblyTogether’ is NEPI Rockcastle’s commitment, in the shopping malls in its portfolio, to community development and support; bringing together all their initiatives dedicated to sustainability pillars such as education, community and environmental protection.

The partnership between Enel X and NEPI Rockcastle involves the installation of 11 JuicePump stations and another 14 JuicePole stations, each of the 25 stations allowing the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles. With these units, the number of recharging points installed by Enel X Romania throughout the country exceeds 120.

The JuicePump charging stations allow the recharging of two electric vehicles at the same time with a power of 50 kW DC and 22 kW AC, respectively. In direct current, charging up to 80% of the battery level takes about 25 minutes, depending on the car’s model and specifications. The JuicePole stations have an available power of 2 x 22 kW AC, each allowing the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles and the charging of up to 40% of the battery level in 30 minutes, depending on the car’s model and specifications.

Enel X installs in Romania charging infrastructure in shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels that want to attract users of electric cars, as well as in public spaces provided by municipalities interested in improving air quality by encouraging electric mobility.


About Enel X

Enel X is Enel’s global business division dedicated to the design and development of products and services, focusing on the principles of sustainability and the circular economy to provide people, communities, institutions and companies with solutions that respect the environment and incorporate technological innovation into everyday life. The company is a global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, managing services such as demand response for around 6 GW of total capacity at global level and 116 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as a leading player in the electric mobility sector, with around 170,000 public and private EV charging points made available around the globe.

Enel Romania is a leading private investor in energy, with operations in power distribution and supply as well as renewable energy production, active on the local market since 2005. The company has about 3,100 employees and around 3 million business and household end users in the country. The E-Distributie companies operate a network of around 130,300 kilometres in three key areas of the country: Muntenia Sud (including Bucharest), Banat and Dobrogea, accounting for one third of Romania’s electricity distribution market. Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia are among the main energy suppliers in the country and their offer includes both electricity and natural gas, as well as value-added services. Enel Green Power Romania is one of the largest renewable producers in the country, with a managed capacity of 534 MW through its 12 wind and solar installations located in Dobrogea and Banat. Enel X Romania is part of Enel X, the Enel’s global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility.


About NEPI Rockcastle

NEPI Rockcastle is the leading investor and developer of commercial properties in Central and Eastern Europe. The group has an exceptional portfolio of properties with a key position in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Lithuania, and is further developing through an expansion program in other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. NEPI Rockcastle’s culture and strategy focuses on planning, quality of execution, sustainability, ethics and early risk assessment. In 2021, the company became a member of the European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). ECSP is the European retail association that provides a unified voice to an industry that designs, creates, finances, develops and manages places in the retail area. Within the USGBC, NEPI Rockcastle, through its Gold Member status, consolidates its leading position in the real estate retail industry, by transforming properties in the field of sustainable development of constructions, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

In Romania, NEPI Rockcastle has 20 shopping centers in the most important cities in the country: Mega Mall, Promenada Mall, Shopping City Sibiu, Promenada Sibiu, Vulcan Value Center, Iris Titan Shopping Center, Shopping City Timisoara, City Park Mall Constanta, Ploiesti Shopping City, Braila Mall, Shopping City Galati, Shopping City Targu-Jiu, Severin Shopping Center, Shopping City Deva, Shopping City Piatra Neamt, Shopping City Satu Mare, Shopping City Deva, Shopping City Ramnicu Valcea, Shopping City Buzau, Shopping City Targu Mures.

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