Investments of RON 1.6 billion in the electricity distribution network in Romania

RON 75 million for smart metering systems

Electricity distribution operators have planned for 2019 investments worth approximately RON 1.6 billion, according to a press release of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE).

In applying the regulatory framework through which firm obligations have been established for the concessionaire electricity distribution operators for the realization of the undertaken investments, they have submitted to ANRE the investment plans for the year 2019. From the submitted statements, it results that the eight concessionaire operators have planned to make investments in a total value of approximately RON 1.6 billion.

This investment effort will target, at a rate of 90%, the electricity distribution network, with the execution of retrofitting works, consisting of replacing equipment worn and outdated, works to reduce own technological losses and improve the quality of the service and works to expand the network. A significant part of investment is dedicated to the implementation of smart metering systems, for which the operators have allocated a total value of approximately RON 75 million, accounting for 6% of the value of investments scheduled for 2019.

The concessionaire electricity distribution operators have the obligation to fulfil at least 95% of the value of the annual investment plan undertaken and approved by ANRE. Failure to fulfil the annual investment plan is sanctioned by fine, in the amount of 5-10% of the turnover achieved from the electricity distribution activity.

Starting with 2018, the regulatory authority has strengthened control over the investment activity in the field of electricity distribution networks, so as to achieve a real improvement in the efficiency, reliability and safety of their operation, reflected in the increase in the performance level of the electricity distribution service.


Concessionaire electricity distribution operators’ plans for 2019

OperatorTotal value (RON)
E-Distributie Muntenia310,473,145
E-Distributie Banat170,495,566
E-Distributie Dobrogea129,598,767
Distributie Energie Oltenia212,542,030
Delgaz Grid148,648,067
Electrica Distributie Muntenia Nord212,043,469
Electrica Distributie Transilvania Nord196,058,864
Electrica Distributie Transilvania Sud200,000,000

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